Mobile Marketing in Malaysia

SMS plays an important of communication today. At, we believe that digital marketing is the way forward and customers are now more connected than ever before. SMS has become a de facto way of communication and it offers a unique and very effective of direct marketing.

We envisioned the function and effectiveness of Whatsapp marketing when it was introduced many years ago and since then, we have worked with our clients like Carlsberg and Media Prima, one of the largest media companies in Malaysia in organising and implementation of mobile app marketing.

Among the services that we provided include designing and conceptualizing of the campaign and execution of services like Bulk SMS, Interactive mobile marketing, SMS Games and Whatsapp Marketing. MobileBlaster also offer SMS-based services like download of content, channelling of real-time news and SMS Live Results, which are among our more popular products.

Where this is concerned, it must be noted that our SMS-based services comes in many types and methods. Where we are very experienced in the area of SMS Marketing and bulk SMS, we too are very well-versed and have worked with many clients from all types of business sectors in other areas like mobile deal and Royalty Programmes using this technology.

As it is known, mobile messaging is very effective because it easily reaches the customers almost instantly when sent. With more people using smartphones today, it has been found that more people are now surfing the web on their mobile phones.

Effective Conventional Marketing Strategy

With an open rate of 97% for text messages for those less than 140 characters, it was also found in surveys that around 70% of people who receive mobile messages will respond. Therefore, it is highly effective to work on mobile deals where the recipients are able to connect to any other web-based service instantly.

Mobile deals usually involve the use of coupons for discounts and promotions. As it has been determined that recipients will respond to mobile apps, these coupons will be kept by them and used when needed.

How it works is that a promotion is first designed by us with our clients and then we determine which target group will receive it before sending them out. The recipients will then be attracted by the coupons which can be kept and used on a later date.

Another programme that we have previously worked on successfully with our clients is Rewards Programme. This is closely related to the mobile app deals programme where the customer will be able to collect points each time they use the coupons.

On top of that, they will enjoy more points when they recommend or refer another customer to the programme. From there, they will receive periodically (usually weekly or fortnightly) updates on their current points accumulated.

Once the customer accumulates enough points, they can then redeem for gifts or rebates which can also be done through their mobile phones. We have worked with our clients in deriving these programmes which have been highly successful.

Maintaining Customer loyalty

This is where the customers are ‘tied-in’ to the programme and will continue to use the products and services that our clients offer.

Rewards Programmes usually involve a middle to long term strategy which must be conceptualized and implemented articulately which we have been known for.

Our experience in this area is attributed to our past record of successful mobile-based marketing campaigns as well as our technical and strategy professionals in our team.

We have a mixture of people who have been there since our days in internet and digital marketing and those who have been working in the industry for many years in marketing campaign and strategy.

This fusion of specialization have created many campaigns for MobileBlaster's clients to fully maximise their advertising expenditure while riding on the new media marketing wave so that they can reach more customers in a wider location within the shorter time frame with much effectiveness.

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