Overhead Bridge flyover billboard Advertising

The use of billboards in advertising comes with many benefits and exposure particularly for the brand image of a certain company. Using billboards is seen as one of the most effective and high impact methods of outdoor advertising which has been gaining more popularity in recent years as consumers are spending more time outdoors.

One of the methods frequently adopted in billboard advertising is by using panels fitted onto overhead bridges and flyovers. Malaysia has one of the most modern public transportation systems in the world and hence, this type of advertising is one of the options as there are many overhead bridges and flyovers located within and outside the Klang Valley.


In the Klang Valley, overhead bridges can be seen in mostly the busy streets and locations. Places like Taman Connaught, Taman Desa, Sri Petaling, Taman Tun Dr Ismail have overhead bridged built across the main roads as there are always vehicles using these facilities. Hence, it becomes an extremely attractive advertising option due to the high traffic that happens throughout the day.

Target Audience

Overhead bridges and flyovers can be found at almost every main road in the Klang Valley. Apart from that, they can be found in highways as well. Billboards that are fitted on these structures would be very much targeted to the people who stay around the vicinity.

It must be noted that a large portion of the flyovers are located within the interchange that serve a certain location for instance, the SS3-Taman Megah junction along LDP.

Buying power

With a height of about 6 feet, these billboards can be very effective and would appeal very much to advertisers who want to reach the specific target group of the surrounding areas. The demand for these spaces can range from middle to high depending on the location and the traffic flow of the specific spot.