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  1. The KL Monorail Line connects the Kuala Lumpur Sentral transportation hub with the “Golden Triangle” serving the city’s commercial, employment, hotel and shopping districts
  2. The fully elevated track radiates through the city centre connecting major high traffic roads such as Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Ampang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Raja Chulan, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Hang Tuah and Jalan Maharajalela, etc
  3. The line integrates with KJ line at Bukit Nanas & KL Sentral, and AP line at Titiwangsa & Hang Tuah
  4. The commuters are predominantly working professionals, shoppers and tourists


Total number of trains 10 units
Total number of stations: 11 stations
Daily Operating Hours: 6am to 12 midnight
Average monthly ridership: 2.3 million
Average journey per route: 21 minutes (from KL Sentral to Titiwangsa)
Train Frequency: Every 5 to 8 minutes
Titiwangsa  124,100
Chow Kit 183,600
Medan Tuanku 87,200
Bukit Nanas 144,600
Raja Chulan 176,700
Bukit Bintang 311,400
Imbi 324,700
Hang Tuah 301,900
Maharajalela  44,500
Tun Sambathan  47,700
KL Sentral 368,800



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The KL Monorail is one of the most extensively advertised locations in the Klang Valley where you can always identify the stations which have been ‘wrapped’ with all types of ads. To advertise in media spots of KL Monorail, you can choose to place your ads in certain media or you can choose to sponsor the entire station for a stronger and more impactful campaign. As such, you will need to choose carefully as not all the stations are packed with people throughout the day.

The most common way of advertising in Monorail is to adopt the entire station. There are stations located around different locations of Kuala Lumpur where each station comes with a different and very specific set of audience and passengers. As such, you must plan your campaign articulately so that your ads can be seen only by your target audience. This means that the rate will differ and varies according to the location and place which could range between RM900,000 to RM1,200,000 per year.

Media spaces on Monorail trains and stations Monorail Lighboxes

In within the trains, there are lightboxes located above the overhead areas. These panels are highly effective media which you can use to place your ads. At average, passengers spend around 8 to 10 minutes in the trains on single trip. This means that your ad on the lightbox panels can be read and seen for a long period of time by your target audience.

Wraps – Monorail Train

Compared to other rail services in the Klang Valley, KL Monorail trains are smaller and more compact. The entire KL Monorail track runs above ground level which means that they are highly captivating and can be seen within a large radius. This means that if you sponsor a train wrap, your ads can be seen around the major locations of Kuala Lumpur.

Media Spots in Monorail Stations

Within the KL Monorail stations, there are several media spots that you can place your ads in to capture the attention of the commuters and passengers who spend an average of 10 to 15 minutes each time.

Monorail station Turnstiles

You can place your ad at the railings facing the turnstiles or on the turnstiles because these are extremely high traffic spots. In fact, every passenger who uses the monorail will have to pass by the turnstiles which makes your ad clearly visible at all times.

Monorail Station Pillars

There are many pillars located around the KL Monorail stations which can be very captivating to your audience. Where this is concerned, some of the pillars are situated at high traffic spots which can be seen by a large group of audience at any time.

Monorail Station Pillar Wraps

There are a few options when it comes to pillar wraps where you can choose between those with or without crossheads. The former refers to the type that looks like an arch which connects 2 pillars together while the latter are those that are standalone.

Lightbox on Pillars

Besides the pillar wraps, you can place your ads on the lightboxes that are mounted on the structures. This usually involves large posters that can be changed as and when needed that are illuminated through the box.

Train Station Walls

Around the stations, you will be able to find many walls that have been pre-determined for ads. Among the most prominent walls here would be those in the platform which are clearly visible for people who are waiting for the arrival of trains. These walls ensure high ad-views because each passenger will spend an average of 7 to 8 minutes each time waiting for the train.

The underpass walls meanwhile are highly impactful media as well because here is where you will have passengers walking by throughout the day when they reach the station. The walls here are long and wide with a lot of opportunities for ad-views.

Monorail train station Escalators

The escalators of the KL Monorail stations are usually inside the premises while there are those that are located on the outside of the station that allow access for passengers to get into the station. Ads on escalators are highly effective mainly because they can be clearly when the passenger are using these facilities.

Media Spaces outside Monorail stations

Besides the media spots that you can use within the station, you can place your ads on the outside which can garner a lot of ad-views from the general public especially among those who are on foot as well as vehicles that use that particular road.

Bulkheads area

This involves very specific large format bulkheads that are installed on the walls of the station that faces the outside. Bulkheads can be very effective when the ads are sharp and ‘loud’ which do not require a lot of reading.

Monorail Station Signages

You can actually sponsor the signages on the station to reflect your brand image or corporate colors. It must be noted that signages in stations are among the most viewed items because passengers tend to look at these structures for reminder purposes.

Rooftop of Escalators sections

You can actually place your ads on the rooftops of the escalators which are connected to the station from outside. This location can be clearly seen from vehicles and the general public who either pass by the station or those who are using these structures to reach the main terminal building of the specific station.

Station Pedestrian Bridge

This media refers to the location where your ad is imprinted on the side walls of the bridge that connect the escalator structure with the station’s terminal and main area. The pedestrian bridge usually hovers across the road which means that your ad can be clearly seen from below by passing vehicles as well as pedestrians around the area.

Monorail External Pillars

The outside pillars of the station can be seen by the general public who are on wheels and foot. These are commonly known as combined pillars where your ad will be placed across 2 pillars with a connecting large format poster in between. This media is extremely impactful when you are looking to deliver a strong message and can include large text and images.

Media in Malaysia Star LRT Stations

The Star LRT is the first rail service to connect commuters in the Klang Valley. It now complements the Kelana Jaya LRT where Star services the residents of sub-urban and outskirts of the Klang Valley towards the central district. As compared to Kelana Jaya LRT, Star targets a different group of customers which is why advertising in this transportation mode should be well-planned in its own unique ways.

If you are planning your campaign to this group of target audience, it is imperative that your ads are catered specifically for this group. If you are planning to sponsor an entire LRT station, you can do so knowing that the rates will vary as high traffic stations will naturally cost more. In station domination, you can expect to have your ad seen by a large group of target audience. Hence, it must be noted that sponsoring a station would best be suited for integrated marketing campaigns.

Star LRT In-Train Ads

As per the media spots available in other train services, you can buy the spaces inside the train.
This includes the following:

Side Panels

– Very effective media as passengers are seated on both sides of the train. At average, passengers will spend between 20 to 25 minutes inside the train which means your ad will enjoy quite a long duration viewership. Besides that, the side panels can be seen by passengers who are standing as well.

Star LRT Top Panels

– This refers to the boards located above the train usually starting from one end of a coach to the other. The most popular spot here is usually the ones nearest to the doors because it has been found that passengers will be looking at this location where the train route is usually located. The top panels are known to be among the most effective spots here.

Star LRT Train Overhead Panels

– This media is very impactful as they are mounted across the inside of the train above the head of the passengers.
While most of them usually look on both sides, the ads on the overhead areas can be very captivating.

Star LRT Train Hand Grips

– This media is known to be among the most effective and popular in trains especially in LRTs because passengers are known to be more receptive to standing, unlike long-distance train services. In fact, it has been found that some passengers in LRTs and MRTs prefer to stand even when there is a vacant seat available because it is more convenient. As such, hand grips are the first thing they will hold on to which means they are the first thing they will see. Your ads on the hand grips will be extremely effective.

Star LRT Train Sponsorship

– If you want to have a strong message, then you could sponsor the entire train. This is a highly impactful strategy because your ads will be seen across most of the media spots available. This is where you will be buying the external body of the train, overhead panels and the hand grips.

In-Station Ads

Besides the train, you can buy media spots in the stations which can be very impactful because these are locations which have high traffic especially during the rush hours. At average, passengers spend around 25 minutes at every station starting from ticket purchase to boarding of the trains. Among the locations you can place your ads include:


– Several spots available at most stations where your ad will wrap around on all sides of these structures.


– You can buy these spots and wraparound the turnstiles which are used by all passengers moving from the station to the train. Walls – You can buy medium to large spots on the walls of the stations


– Besides the station and the trains, you can buy media spots in the platform which can be very visible as these are locations that passengers will wait for their respective trains to arrive. At the platforms, you can buy sticker spots, graphics on the stairs
as well as pillar wraps which are L-shaped.

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