Klia Arrival Hall 24 LCD Digital Screens

Long duration of viewers

The Klia Arrival Hall is one of the locations in the airport with the highest traffic. There are several groups of people where which includes passengers, transport providers, accommodation providers and a large group of people who are waiting for their friends or families to arrive. At average, the viewers here would spend around 1 to 2 hours. Around the location, you will find 24 digital screens which can be seen from anywhere. Each ad will be designed in 30-second loops and they are provided in the following:

  1. 5 minutes per loop at 12 loops every hour
  2. 18 hours per day
  3. Note: this comes to 216 spots per day
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Rate: RM150,000 per annum for 1 spot of 30 Second Ad loop

If you take the bundle package, it will be RM380,000 which comes together with the 148 screen option.

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