Digital OOH Insights


When it comes to Out-of-Home, or more fondly known as OOH marketing, the main keyword would surely be innovation. Marketers today have used all sorts of new methods in embracing OOH media and this has further compounded the scenario with the use of digital technologies.

Value of Digital OOH

Digital OOH or DOOH is perhaps one of the most exciting media to come into the scene in recent years. So, what does DOOH cover? Generally, DOOH is somewhat similar to conventional OOH media which includes:

  1. Billboard screens
  2. kiosks
  3. poster boards
  4. wraparounds
  5. etc

Is DOOH worth it?

Like any new media, DOOH is definitely worth any effort for your campaign if you aim to reach your target audience. With moving images at prominent locations, you are bound to capture your audience’s attention. Furthermore, these media provides very high recall value and is more affordable than many other types of media.

Content, content and content!!

The rule of thumb of using DOOH is to have good content. After all, you have a few seconds to capture the attention of the viewer and that is where your content should be captivating enough to send your message across. DOOH should not be used as a stand alone media. You would most likely need to cross-connect your message with other media like radio and print. Your message must have a strong and powerful impact.

Location is crucial

Another factor for DOOH to be impactful is in its location. Like static billboards, these large screens should be strategically placed at high-traffic spots. This is because they need to be visually available at all times. One advantage that DOOH has over traditional billboards is its ability to change the content according to the time of the day.

Meanwhile, smaller digital screens mounted on pillars across major roads provide repetitive messaging. This is extremely crucial as it provides very high recall value for the advertiser. Another powerful method is the use of large screens on buildings (eg: TM building along Federal Highway, UMNO building).

Trends of DOOH

Several factors will greatly influence DOOH. This includes:

  1. Tracking – DOOH offers tracking and measuring of the media. You can choose who you want to target and use the media accordingly. Advertisers are no longer ‘blinded’ with all types of media. With DOOH, you know who you are reaching and how to get there
  2. Blending and integration – Your campaign is no longer limited with classic OOH media. DOOH gives your campaign more leverage. In fact, it gives you better reach if you can integrate both digital and classic media.
  3. Better adex – You are no longer spending without knowing where your advertising dollars are going.

Is DOOH the next big thing?

After social media, DOOH surely is moving to the right direction. What you actually get out of DOOH is actually a breath of new life for classic media.

Never before has a traditional media been able to provide so much leverage for advertisers. In the past, billboards were very much a one-way communication media and in some cases, regarded as a mass media even. DOOH has now changed the way we view billboards.

After all, consumers today are a lot more mobile than before. They are much more receptive to digital content than before. They get attracted to digital screens as they view one on their laptops, smartphones and TV.

With strong and powerful content, your digital ads become a lot more impactful than before. Cross-reference your ads with classic and social media, you will have a campaign which will resonate with your audience much significantly than before.


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