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For all your media planning and advertising needs, we offer the best rates here. This is because we have worked with hundreds of media owners in the country and abroad. From magazine to billboards, out-of-home media like transport and public furniture, we offer the best rates which can be derived from our collection of rate cards.

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Digital Billboards(DOOH) are affordable and effective!

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Guide to Billboard Advertising

In billboard advertising, the most ideal choices is to enhance your brand or corporate image and would not be as effective for on-going promotions mainly because such ads have a specific period of time.

Billboards are excellent advertising options which can be used to capture the attention of viewers for a short while. Most viewers have a short burst of few seconds to view the billboards as they are large and usually located on crossroads and along highways.

A strong message must be imposed which strikes the viewer and subsequently leaving a strong impression. Otherwise, the effect will be lost. Contrary to many beliefs, billboard advertising is not very expensive.

Compared to other media like Radio and TV, it is a lot cheaper and affordable.

Rental charges can be arranged with instalment plan which will include booking and production.

To book the space, the advertiser would need to pay between RM10,000 and RM800,000 per month/year, depending on the size and panel.

The demand for advertising in these high-traffic areas are very high, especially in Federal Highway where the rates are the most expensive and spaces are very limited, often requiring longer waiting time.

Digital and conventional billboards come in various sizes where some are equipped with double exposure spotlights, ideal for use at night and dim areas.

We will assist you fully in the planning and rolling out of your digital and conventional billboard campaigns effectively through a comprehensive schedule to ensure that your bookings are made in advance.

Best Tips for Out of Home Billboard advertising

Ultimately, your billboard must be bold and big which in other words mean that they must be ‘LOUD’ enough to be seen. It should be visible from afar so that it attracts the attention of your target audience. Besides that, your billboard should:

Not be placed in areas that are too overcrowded with too many billboards.

This is most common in high-traffic areas where billboards are placed very near to each other.

When your billboard is ‘lost’ among the many others, it become saturated and you end up not achieving the ad-views you are targeting for.

Bahasa Malaysia is compulsory for all outdoor advertising in Malaysia.

We will assist you in submitting your FA(Finished Artwork) to DBP(Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka) for approval. The timeline is about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the amount of current submissions to the language council.

Look for corners in major expressways around the Klang Valley which will be the most ideal locations for your billboards.

Check out areas like the North-South Expressway, along the Middle Ring Road 2 and very notably the Federal Highway.

Besides that, you must consider corners around major roads in the Klang Valley like Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Kuching, which have some of the heaviest traffic flows throughout the day.

Consider the size based on your budget. If you have a mid-range budget to spend on your billboard ad, consider going for a 30 x 60 feet sized billboard which is quite sizeable as compared to the standard billboard size of 10 x 40 feet(freestanding).

With a larger space, you can insert a lot more information and visuals for better effectiveness and higher impact.

If you are planning to place an billboard ad in highways, you should use more overhead placements. You will find a lot of them along the PLUS North-South Expressway and Federal Highway.

Overheads are more effective in highways because they are at locations that will guarantee views as they cut across the entire highway horizontally.

Different approach for lamp post LED screens

Commonly placed along the divider or major roads and highways, small LED screens are not very effective because they are shared with too many advertisers. Small LED screens are dynamic media where ad space is sold based on 15 seconds slots.

You run a risk of having your ad being placed together with your competitors’. Apart from that, the screens are too small for detailed messages and the duration can be too short.

When your ad is less than 15 seconds, they lack the impact factor. Furthermore, the screen is only viewable from a certain angle which means it loses the effectiveness. You end up paying between RM10,000 to RM400,000 for this media a year, it is not a cost-effective way to spend for billboard advertising.

Types of Billboards

Freestanding Billboards or 96 Sheets

billboard 96 sheets

Freestanding billboards are among the most common and widely used billboards in out-of-home media. 96 here refer to the layout of how the billboard will be presented. If your ad needs a large and loud effect, it would be ideal to use 96-sheet which is actually two pieces of 48 sheets placed together.

Standard measurements for the 96-sheet billboard is 10ft x 40ft and 11ft x 41ft. Rental of this space usually goes on an agreed period where it can be between RM2,500 and RM5,000 per billboard monthly or it can be rented on quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

Different Sizes in Freestanding Billboards

The common measurements of Free Standing outdoor boards are 20ft x 40ft and 20ft x 24ft while other dimensions are used as well. This type of boards is more portable and very effective if you are planning to deliver your ads during promotions and events.


This type of billboard is very effective when used in highways and areas with a large volume of viewers like entertainment outlets and commercial centres. A single pole is used to hold up the billboard which can be single, double or triple sided. A spectacular is one which is customized to be more attractive. Cost to advertise on Unipoles or Spectaculars can be between RM20,000 and RM100,000 per month.

The term spectacular simply means ‘spectacular’. If you have seen any billboards that are out of the unusual, then those would be the spectaculars. Typically, they are not rectangular in shape and these ads are commonly used to communicate a strong message.

spectacular billboards

There is actually a grey line between standard billboards and spectaculars but when you see one, you will know one for sure.

  • Types: The most common types of spectacular billboards you will come across are those that protrude out of the standard rectangular shape of the media. The idea behind this is to capture the attention of the viewer. This means that it could be an image of a footballer kicking a ball that flies ‘out’ of the board, a dinosaur whose long neck exceeds the board or something like that
  • Locations: One thing for sure, spectaculars are very huge. You will mostly find them along expressways because these billboards are meant to convey a message: quick, loud and strong!
  • Cost: Typically, spectacular billboards cost about the same as a standard billboard. The expensive part really is in the production of these boards

Billboards in Major Highways

Malaysia has one of the most efficient and complete highway systems in the land transport sector. As such, billboard advertising on the highways in Malaysia provide the most effective and impactful media for brand owners and business operators.

In terms of highways, there are a few major types that include the interstate highways which connect states through its network like the PLUS north-south expressway. On the other hand, there are the urban highways like Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong and Federal Highway which are designed to connect several urban areas or satellite cities.

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These highways are used by tens or hundreds of thousands of vehicles daily which offer great options for the advertisers to target a broader market audience.

Gantry Billboards

This is a large structure with the ad mounted on both sides. As the name implies, the gantry is shaped like an arch and is uniquely designed to attract the attention of the viewers who utilize the particular main road.

The cost of using this media space can be up to RM150,000 per year. In most cases, gantry boards are placed in prime locations in major towns and cities as they can be used to target vehicles that travel on the roads frequently.

Gantry Billboard

Scrolling Billboards

Scrolling billboards are among one of the major offerings that we bring to your clients. This is one of the most effective and attractive methods of billboard advertising as it provide the advertiser with a more dynamic alternative apart from the conventional static billboards.

Through the use of scrolling billboards, advertisers are able to enjoy more affordable options where the content can be changed as and when needed.

scrolling billboards

Arch Billboards

arch billboards

Temporary or permanent

Where arch billboards are concerned, there are the permanent ones which are usually enacted either by the government or by the media owner. This is where you can book the space and place your ads there.

On the other hand, there are the temporary arch billboards which are very commonly used in sports like marathons and in events. These arch billboards can be designed and made specifically for your brand. In most cases, they are can be deflated and easily moved around.

One of the unique media used in this type of advertising is an arch billboard. As the name implies, it is a billboard which is designed in an arch shape and looks very different from the more conventional large printed billboards.

An arch billboard can be designed in different shapes as long as it contains an overhead shelter-like form. The most common type of arch billboard would be those that are found between boundaries, especially along highways.
Using arch billboards for your advertising needs will give your brand or product a very unique and different campaign. It can be designed to provide a message that goes with the arch or being a media that stands out. This will surely attract more attention and impressions as compared to traditional billboards.

Highly visible

Most arch billboard is very visible as permanent ones are usually enacted high above the ground level which gives your ad a very good platform to be seen by the general public from all directions.

rooftop billboard

Rooftop Billboards

Billboards that are attached on the rooftop of buildings and structures can be very impactful at cities and towns especially when there are expressways or main roads travelling between them. They can either be 14ft x 48ft or 20ft x 60ft and usually cost between RM15,000 and RM30,000 per month depending on the location.

In most cases, rooftop billboards can be best used if your ads have minimal text and large images because the locations are usually at fast-paced traffic areas.

overhead bridges billboards

Overhead Bridges

Billboards are attached on the side of the overhead bridge and are usually horizontal rectangles.

These billboards are commonly attached on highways and major roads where traffic flows through and under the overhead bridges while they are usually seen at urban towns and cities at intersections and junctions.

Prices for media spaces at overhead bridges vary where it can be as low as RM12,000 per month to as high as RM150,000 monthly.

Wall Signs – Wallscapes Billboards

Wall signs are smaller as compared to other forms of billboards but this media can be extremely impactful as they can be placed at highly strategic areas and walls of buildings. Wall signs are available in customized sizes and can start from RM350,000 per annum. This range could the go up to RM1.6million per year especially in high traffic locations.

City Light Poster billboards

Citilight Poster

This type of media is usually seen on pedestrian walkways and at street furniture like taxi or bus stands. City Light Posters are basically backlit structures that illuminate a poster attached for the viewer.

As such, this type of outdoor board is very effective to target pedestrians and passer-bys. The usual sizes of the City Light Poster is 2m square where costing is around RM80,000 for a 26-faces space monthly.

column wrap billboard

Pillar Wraps / Column Posters

Pillar wraps would be an exciting option when you use OOH media. It can be quite effective especially if your ad is seen in the location where most of your target audience is. Using pillar wraps can be quite challenging as you get repetition but you do not want to sound too long-winded. Graphics is crucial while text can be used too. The good thing about using pillar wrap is that you can target pedestrians who would have time to read your ad.

  • Types: Generally, there are only a few main types of pillar wraps. They are all quite identical which are presented in portrait format. Basically, the distinguishing factor would be the size of the space.
  • Locations: Among the most common locations you will find pillar wraps would be the external parts of train stations. LRT and KL Monorail stations are most common where the wraps can be seen by the commuters, cars and vehicles and passer-bys. Besides that, you will find pillar wraps in places like commercial centers, universities and institutes of higher learning.
  • Price: If you plan to advertise on pillar wraps, be ready to be charged based several pillars at any time. The production cost can be quite high depending on the size of the pillar.

Column Billboards

This is the type of billboards that you usually see along highways and roads. Column billboards are very visible as they are usually enacted high above the ground. Advertising in this type of billboards will give your brand a lot of impressions as they usually stand out among the crowd and can be easily spotted from different directions. Advantages of using column billboards include:

Large and loud

Column billboards are basically very large panels. Your brand will have a strong presence on the column billboards which can be seen by the public. In most cases, column billboards are enacted in the middle of a location with high traffic, giving it the exposure from different sides. This is coupled with the fact that it can be seen from a far distance.

Different formats

One of the advantages of column billboards is that it can be designed into different formats. This is where it can be mounted on the centre, on the side like a flag or any other shapes suitable. As they are placed on top of a very high pole, you can customize your ads the way you like on the column billboard.


A column billboard which is illuminated will be very impressive and attractive, particularly when it is dark. You can adopt conventional lighting or use more modern LED technology which is more cost effective and energy efficient.


The content to be printed on the wraparound can be easily changed and modified when necessary.

bus shelter advertising

Bus Shelter

One of the most effective methods of street furniture advertising is using bus shelters. For a 5 to 12 panel shelter, the cost is about RM12,000 per month for every shelter.

This media is very impactful and effective especially if you are targeting commuters who use bus as well as other public transportation modes. In bus shelter ads, the message is usually placed on top or by the side of the structure.

Directional Sign

In this type of outdoor boards, your ad will be placed on directional signboards usually at the bottom part of the sign. In most cases, the Directional Sign is placed either in the front or the back of the structure where the sizes can be limited.

However, it is a very impactful media because these signs captivate a large target audience.

Street Lamp/Backlit Box

This is the type of outdoor board which is attached to a street lamp. It is very much like a common light box which is 1.8m x 1.2m in size. Prices for these spaces are between RM1,000 and RM2,000 per unit (on the pole) monthly.


Trivision billboards are one of the earliest types of dynamic billboards. It involves using triangular-shaped poles which are turned concurrently. Trivision was one of the most sought after dynamic billboards when it was first introduced.

As such, this type of billboard can provide up to 3 different ads at any time. The size of the ads depends on the dimension of the structure where it is usually 10ft x 40ft or 20ft x 60ft per face which will then determine the pricing of using this space that range from RM50,000 to RM600,000 per year.

Mega Light

Mega Light refers to the type of digital poster which uses lighting technology. The common measurement of this board is 9m square which is one of the costlier modes of advertising. For a 66-faces per month Mega Light space, it will start from RM450,000 while for 33-faces per month boards, prices start from RM230,000 per month.

City Star

City Star boards cost about RM120,000 for a 26-faces space per month and RM65,000 for a 13-faces space monthly. This media measures 9m square and can be effectively used to target viewers at high traffic locations as well as busy walkways in towns and cities mainly because they are not too large in size and can be seen from people who are using the pedestrian walkways.


Metrolite boards measure at 2m square and is an effective media for advertising for brand owners who are targeting pedestrians, commuters and people who use public transport.

This type of media space costs about RM35,000 for a 14-faces design per month and can be very impactful especially if used at high traffic locations where the board can capture high impressions among the people around that particular vicinity.

More about Unipole Billboards

The 14’H x 48′ sized billboards mounted on unipoles are among the most common billboard sizes today. This refers to billboard that are rectangular shaped and are usually seen on main roads and highways like those along the Federal Highway and the hundreds that are lined up along the North-South Expressway of Peninsular Malaysia.

Other sizes of billboards are like 10’6H x 36’W, 10’H x 40’W, 20’H x 60’W where ‘H’ refers to height and ‘W’ refers to wide. As it can be seen, there are some which can be quite normal while the large ones would include 20 feet high and 60 feet wide, almost 1.5 times larger than the conventional ones.

Unipoles are extremely visible because they are above the ground and viewers are able to see these billboards from a distance.

Budget and Size

Billboard sizes are very important as they will determine how ‘visible’ your ads will be. This is usually determined by factors like the location of the billboard and more importantly with how high the billboard will be mounted. Apart from that, billboard sizes will determine the financial expenditure as larger boards will require larger printouts which in turn will require higher expenditure.

Lighting and Illumination for billboards

In billboard advertising, using lighting is not compulsory if you are planning to minimize your cost. There are several reasons to this. To begin with, your billboard ad can be clearly seen (and read) in daytime because of natural sunlight. Considering that the hours between 12.00am and 6.00am are dark, most of the effectiveness from billboard ads would come during daytime. As such, lighting or illumination for your billboard at night might not be as crucial as you might think. This can be because:

  1. there are at least 70% lesser traffic at night which means poor ROI. You would not want to spend most of your budget for a single media in the least possibility of viewership, would you?
  2. higher cost as it involves more fittings like lighting and mounted racks. In fact, some billboards with lighting would require customized fittings and equipment being installed. This means media owners will charge you 50-100% more depending on specifications

Approval from Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka

Your billboard content needs to be 100% in Bahasa Malaysia(national language) or it will not be approved by the National Language Council.

Printing Specifications for 60′ x 40′ Unipole

60x40 print specification for billboard unipolei


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