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Event management Company records speak for itself and with a strong backing of experience and expertise, they must be more than equipped to propel your events to a higher level.

If you would like to have better branding in your products and a good reach to your target audience, you should consider in launching an event whether it is for demonstration or launch or organize a roadshow that can give your customers better knowledge of who you are.

What Event Management Company has to offer?

So, whether you are want to have a small-sized talk or a large international expo, they must have the industry know-how and the necessary resources to help you.

3D Concept and Layout

3D designs will propel your events to better exposure and captivate a wider set of audience. It is challenging to ascertain who your target audience and segments are during events and roadshows. As such, it becomes equally as crucial to be able to connect with them in the shortest time possible. Using 3D models for presentation is one platform which can help you get there. How could 3-dimensional objects help your brand during events? Here are some pointers:

  1. Concept – This applies to what you are trying to promote during the event. Whether it is a new product or a brand awareness campaign, 3D presentations will be a lot more effective with a lot of impact as they are able to give audiences a true feel of what they are looking for
  2. Layout – 3D Layout services help to give your event a walkthrough of the premises and what the outcome will be like.

Mobile Broadcasting

There will be NO event if the information is not sent to the rightful audience. International events will usually cover audiences from all around the country but there are many like sales and promotion events, roadshows and seminars which are intended for the group of people in a certain community. This means you need to have the ability to use mobile platforms to broadcast the information to residents in the surrounding areas.
Besides doing so, you need to know who your potential customers are so that you can maximize your expenditure in sending out the message. Messages sent out using this platform must be:

  1. targeted – To the profile of potential customers in the residential area
  2. personal – Recipients should feel the interpersonal connection
  3. relevant – A message which is related to them either as a product or a brand
  4. current – an event which is currently going on or about to take place in a day or two

Social network marketing

For your event, besides broadcasting and using 3D presentations, social networks would be your next best friend. This is because more than 90% of your target audience will be on some form of social media in one way or another. It is found that:

  1. Facebook are commonly used primarily those above 35 years of age
  2. Instagram is the preferred social network for young adults
  3. Facebook and Instagram users spend an average of 2 hours on Youtube on a daily basis
  4. there is a 75% chance of a Facebook user going to an event which has been published on their newsfeed. This probability is quite similar to Instagram

It becomes ultimately crucial to integrate most of these platforms in order to launch a successful event. The need for a combined effort of both offline and online channels in event management is more demanded now because the profile and behaviour of consumers and your target customers who now spend more time on various channels than on a single platform.

PROPS used in most events

Pylon Standees

Pylon stands are display items which come in different sizes. They are usually designed and mounted in public spaces to display a company’s logo or information.

Pylon stands is a very unique method to inform customers and the public about a location while some are used for promotional reasons. This display item is very effective as they are very uniquely shaped and can be easily seen from both sides of the traffic flow.

Varying sizes

event management malaysiaDepending on your business’ needs and requirements, pylon stands can be designed in varying sizes.

You can choose to enact a permanent pylon stand which is large and usually placed outdoor to display your company information.

This type of pylon stands is commonly used to inform the public that your business is situated in that particular location which is visible from both sides.

Another type of pylon stand is the smaller ones which are commonly used for promotional activities.

These stands are made with less-durable material and are used indoors. They are used by retail stores to promote certain products or services where the content can be changed when needed.


The smaller pylon stands used by retail stores are easily moved about to a location of your choice. This means that you can always place the pylon stand in locations with high traffic to attract customers to your store while customizing the content of the message you are conveying to your customers.


Use only the strongest and most robust material to manufacture our pylon stands. When using our outdoor pylon stands, this product is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Meanwhile, our indoor pylon stands are designed to be used for many years as well where you can always change the content by removing and replacing the wraparound prints over them.

Incorporating LED

For better clarity and more impressive looks, we can incorporate LED technology into your pylon stands. This will surely give your company logo a better first impression to the general public and attracting more attention.

Furthermore, using this technology will give you an option to provide moving letters which would be more innovative as compared to static logos.


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