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Jalan Kuching Road Accessibility

On the southern part of Jalan Kuching is the connection with Jalan Maharajalela. Vehicles coming in from the south will use Jalan Loke Yew before convening with Jalan Maharajalela that will then join with Jalan Kuching at the Klang Bus Stand area. From there, Jalan Kuching continues northwards where it will pass by Jalan Sultan Ismail and then towards Jalan Duta. Meanwhile, on the other end, vehicles travelling from the north will come in through Selayang and Kepong which will then convene at the Jalan Duta roundabout which can lead to Damansara and Solaris Dutamas before heading into town.

Landmarks in Jalan Kuching

As Jalan Kuching is a very long road, you will come across several landmarks along the way. From the north, you will be led towards the Middle Ring Road 2 or Lingkaran Tengah 2 in which Batu Caves is just around the corner. After that, you will be approaching the city centre where you will reach Bank Negara Malaysia which is at the cross-junction with Bank Rakyat. On the other side of this junction is Dataran Merdeka which can be accessed via Jalan Tun Perak. You will find the Kelab DiRaja Selangor here while further down south is Dayabumi Complex and the Pejabat Pos Besar Kuala Lumpur. Not far away from here is the National Mosque of Malaysia, one of the most iconic structures in the country before you reach Jalan Maharajalela.

Jalan Kuching Traffic Conditions

From Puncak Templer in the north, traffic flow along Jalan Kuching is usually low and moderate throughout the day. As it approaches the Kawasan Industri Selayang Indah, it peaks for a while before easing and then continues southwards. The intersection with the Middle Ring Road 2 is where Jalan Kuching experiences super peak traffic conditions throughout the day with the morning rush hours having the slowest traffic flow. After that, it is peak and moderate passing by Taman Wahyu and then super peaks at the Segambut roundabout. Once Jalan Kuching reaches Chow Kit, the traffic condition here is super peak all day long and when it reaches the Bank Negara Malaysia and Bank Rakyat roundabout, traffic practically comes to a stand still throughout the day while it can be extremely congested during the morning and evening rush hours.


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