Bus Taxi Shelter

Bus Taxi shelter advertising
Besides advertising on buses or moving transportation, you can advertise on bus shelters. What makes bus shelters so exciting an option to advertise is that the exposure of the ad can be for quite a long duration.

Benefits of Shelter Advertising include:

  1. Targeted – In bus shelters, your ads are catered to public transportation users, most notably buses. You can decide where your target audience is whether they are vehicular audience, commuters or pedestrians.
  2. Flexibility – What makes bus shelters such an exciting media is that you can mould it to any shape you like while maintaining its original structure. You are not limited to the rectangular poster size based on the shape of the furniture. In fact, you can add words on top of the shelter, additional items that protrude from the shelter and others.
  3. Duration – The average waiting time for passengers of public buses is 10 to 25 minutes. This is on a normal day during off peak hours. During peak hours, the waiting could be up to 45 minutes. As such, the ads will be seen for a long period of time.
  4. Coverage – One of the highlights about advertising on bus shelters is that you can have repetitive reminders as there are many of such street furniture across cities and towns. Meanwhile, you can customize your ads to reach your viewers who are in the surrounding locations whether it is a residential, commercial or entertainment area.
  5. Size – ads on bus shelters can be large as you get a lot of exposure on the back panel as well as on the sides. In some cases, you can sponsor the entire bus shelter and redesign the outlook.
  6. Presentation – if the visuals of the ad in the bus shelter is captivating, chances are you get 24 hour viewership. Most of the shelters illuminate at night which can attract a lot of attention.

Types of shelters

As the name implies, the most common shelters you will find are those that are for bus commuters. However, it is not entirely limited to this public transportation mode. Taxi shelters are available as well although the dynamics are different. This is in terms of customer profile, waiting duration and target audience.

As a prominent OOH Media, bus shelters are among the more affordable options. You will need to consider several factors before deciding. This includes:

  1. Rental fees and charges – usually charged per shelter/ structure per month
  2. Electricity – The only utility you need to pay for. This is charged on a monthly basis
  3. Production – This refers to a one-off payment to design and build the structure.

Rates for advertising on bus shelters

One factor that needs a lot of consideration with advertising on bus shelters is the location. Prime areas will definitely cost more. In places like Golden Triangle (Bukit Bintang – Pudu enclave). Other areas include:

  1. High traffic locations
  2. Other states like Penang and Johor Bahru

Other costs involved in advertising in bus shelter

Electricity rate is per month per shelter. Meanwhile, there is a one time cost for for production, charged per shelter.

What about hidden costs?

Take note that the rates are approximate figures. Depending on the location and production, the recurring costs might vary. Apart from that, other rates like GST and such must be paid accordingly. As the advertiser, you need to be aware of maintenance which could be about RM500 per month. This is allocated to accommodate wear and tear, damage done by people or nature and any repair works where necessary.

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