Unipole Advertising

Billboards are among the most effective methods used in outdoor advertising because they are very visible and impactful. Advertisers usually ensure that they use the most effective types of billboards as there are many different ones available. Among them are Unipoles which are billboards that are elevated above the ground to provide visibility to the surrounding areas.

Size & Locations

This type of billboards is among the most popular types that can be seen in many highways and major roads. Measuring between 1,600 and 2,400 square feet in size, Unipole billboards are enacted in the Federal Highway, KESAS highway and almost every other highways that operate in the country. This is mainly because Unipole Billboards can be seen from a far distance and would appeal very much to motorists and vehicle owners who use these roads. Apart from that, Unipole Billboards can be seen on elevated highways in Kuala Lumpur like the AKLEH Expressway as well.

Target Audience

The main target audience for Unipole Billboards would surely be vehicle owners and motorists. This is because this media provides clear visibility as they are placed high above the ground. In fact, some Unipole Billboards are very high up the ground where they are designed with double or triple facets which are visible from almost every direction in the surrounding areas.

Buying Power

The demand for Unipole Billboards range from middle to high because due to the size of this media, they can be slightly costlier than other billboard types. Furthermore, installation of the ads would require experts or specialists because they need to climb high up to replace stickers(non-digital).

Unipole Billboards are very suitable for companies that are looking to establish a strong and ‘loud’ ad making them ideal for brand awareness and corporate image. In most cases, this type of billboards involves ads that are placed for a certain period of time to avoid having to change them too frequently.