What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality or AR is a contemporary technology where applications are created to provide a physical and real-world environment through an augmented environment. This could be in the context of computer generated images, videos and sounds. In order to understand AR better, it can be viewed as the middle ground between actual reality and virtual reality in which it is includes the combination of both elements. This means that it could be a physical building with virtual labels and text or a physical ball with a virtual playing environment.

AR is a very interesting technology because it offers a whole new dimension of viewing something be it an object, a scene or anything else. By using a mobile device or a smartphone, the multimedia object like a video or a 3-dimensional item can be imposed onto the screen which in reality is not there. This means that the actual reality scene that you are looking at will include new elements like text or video when viewed through the AR application.

The future of Augmented Reality in Malaysia

To understand what the future of AR is going to be like, you must know what is happening currently. AR has already reached the point where it is commercially feasible with most limitations solved. Today, there are many design houses that have developed very remarkable AR applications in the market which are used in various business segments.

While these applications are readily available in the market, there is still a vast range of new opportunities for AR, particularly in the advertising industry. Where print media like The Star and others have already ventured into AR to expand their advertising revenue, this segment still has a lot of room to grow as it is highly customizable.

The Players in Augmented Reality

The major players of AR in the industry are the media giants while world-leader in search services Google recently rolled out its Project Glass to developers which are expected to be available for consumers by the fourth quarter of 2013. The Google Glass project is basically a head mounted display (HMD) which comes with a mini-camera meant for AR.

This project allows the user to view information the way they do on a typical smartphone while accessing the internet through voice commands. Such functions can be enjoyed on a hands-free format.

The Glass Project is very exciting as it will give consumers a whole new platform of opportunities which will surely change the way human-computer interaction will be. Using the Google’s Android Operating System, the project is undertaken by Google X Lab whose track record include the development of driverless vehicles and other types of future technology.

Why are we the expert in Augmented Reality in Malaysia?

Advertising.com.my has from the start been the leader and advocate of digital advertising. Since we started, we have actively pushed and promoted online advertising to our clients and advertisers in Malaysia, emphasizing on the importance and effectiveness of this media until we have achieved leadership in this segment.

From there, we have moved on and expanded our range of services where we ventured into mobile advertising and products. We have developed many mobile applications for our clients in many business sectors while assisting them in using this media for their marketing and promotions purposes.

In order to stay relevant and effective to our clients, we are constantly sourcing for and finding new technologies so that we constantly stay ahead in the competition. AR has been identified as one of the major markets that we will focus on since 2009. From there, we have rolled-out many award winning AR applications which have benefited our clients’ marketing and advertising efforts.

Hence, by engaging the best and most experienced AR firm in the market, you will surely benefit and enjoy the best leverage for your investment into this technology.

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