We are Experts in Search Engine Optimisation or SEO

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How we get results

We are the best at what we do. When we set out to get results, we ensure that we have the best people and tools to get there. In doing so, we guarantee that you receive not only the best, but the most effective results as well. Among our significant traits are:

We are passionate in what we do

Our philosophy and commitment is simple. We want your business to succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. Our passion in seeing your business soar is second to none. Nothing mean more to us than to push your business to greater heights because we are driven by the passion to succeed.

We are fully equipped and ready

We go through extra miles to find and learn the best tools to help you. In doing so, your campaigns will enjoy data-driven and proven tools that will help you grow faster and bigger than you can expect. We will undertake necessary research before planning and implementation. We will track and grow your campaign so that it is perfectly launched and monitored. We develop our own tools that include CRM software and make use of resources that will push you to the frontline of competition.

We are the experts and specialists

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing, no one comes close to us. We have a team of experts and specialists who collectively offer decades of experience. We will ensure that your campaign enjoys keyword research and optimization that will give your business a further start from your competitors.

Why you should be in the First Page

There is no other bigger search engine besides Google. Your business almost fully depend on it based on the following:

  1. Listings on the first page of Google search enjoys about 70% of the traffic on Google
  2. up to 30% of the total traffic goes to the number one business ranking
  3. It is more effective in organic search results as compared to paid ads. Fact: organic search results from SEO would be 8.5 times more likely to be viewed
  4. You cannot afford not to be on the first page of Google as your competitors will be. The trick is to have your site picked up above and beyond the rest.

Send your competitors packing!

There is no denying that no business today can survive without any online presence. Without it, your business is like an invisible entity. Search engines would be your answer on how to reach out and tell the world about your products and services. To get there, you need SEO. This is your springboard to garnering leads, converting sales into profits and to grow your bran. With SEO, you will:

  1. Get higher ranks on Google
  2. Drive better traffic to your site
  3. Reach your target audience and engage them
  4. Get and garner more leads and then converting them into sales
  5. Expand your reach and grow your clientele

What is our approach?

As an SEO company, our approach is simple: that is to drive your website to top rankings and to bring in traffic. We have with us a team of highly qualified and capable industry-led experts who will understand your business and deliver strategies in all digital platforms for your business. As such, we are more than equipped to work with:

  1. Local businesses – While we work with businesses to reach the global audience, we can help you with local SEO as well. Your potential partners will surely be looking you up online before venturing into any form of business. With local SEO, you can reach new customers with the best impression on what you can offer
  2. Enterprises – Our national SEO ranking services will grow more opportunities for your business. After all, tens of millions of people are searching online before making any purchase

Drive traffic into better ROI

The equation is very straightforward. With more traffic routed to your website, it simply means that your business now gets better ROI. This is only possible through SEO because higher traffic brings more opportunities to converting the leads into sales. Online marketing is no doubt the current and most promising channel that is cost-efficient and has great income-generating possibilities.

Other Digital Marketing Services

Besides SEO services, we have an array of other services that will help drive your digital campaigns. This includes Social media marketing, Video marketing, web design services, PPC campaigns, and more.

  1. Organic SEO Services: Organic SEO is currently the most effective form of search engine marketing. Through this, your site get better and higher rankings which will mean better visibility online. It does not matter what the latest algorithm update is, our organic SEO strategy will get your business site onto the top results the natural way.
  2. Local SEO Services: Nothing beats having the local market know about your before venturing to the regional or global scale. Our geo-targeted on an off-page optimization strategies will get you through this stage.
  3. Reputation Management: We ensure that your business enjoy the best reputation it deserves. After all, your customers will be influenced by what they read about you online. We will help you to build your brand’s reputation and develop a strong brand identity.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Word-of-mouth marketing is the current buzz in advertising and this is greatly facilitated and boosted by social sharing in networks. Let us help you to build your campaign around social media and in engaging your target audience better.
  5. PPC Advertising: Use PPC advertising to maximize your advertising budget. We will help you to develop and design ads that will drive traffic, direct leads and convert sales.
  6. Web Design Services: Our experience in SEO comes from many years of research and practice. Because of this, we know what works and what don’t. We know what website designs are best and how they should function. We offer website design services that are cost-effective and captivating which will reflect your brand to its fullest.
  7. White Label SEO Services: You can now enjoy an additional revenue stream by becoming an SEO reseller. This is easy to do without needing too much resources.
  8. Online Marketing: We offer a full range of online marketing tools and packages. Besides SEO, we have online marketing packages that will help your business grow through campaigns and other events. Our experience ranges into social media marketing to customized content advertising and others.
  9. Professional Consultants: Start your SEO campaigns with us today and hit the ground running straightaway. Our team of SEO and marketing experts can offer all types of market data, research and planning activities to support you in every way possible.

Let Local SEO Push your Local business further

Is your business online but you are having difficulties getting to the top of the search page? Is your business local and you are looking to push your business to the local community better? We are the perfect SEO company for you because we know what is going on out there and we definitely know how to push your local business to an entirely new level.

Latest and Most Effective Local SEO

When you work with us, you have chosen the best Local SEO experts because we have helped many businesses grow by leaps and bounds over the years. In fact, our success rate has been among the best in the market that you can imagine. We deliver the most effective Local SEO service so that your business is discoverable and that it will hit the top of the search result.

Our Affiliations

We work and understand how search engines work. Our affiliations have been with Google, Yahoo and Bing where we have studied and understood their systems thoroughly. Although some parts can be organic, we have moved with the times to ensure that only the best and latest technologies are applied to your Local SEO. This is all done to bring you the best results so that you can achieve the best results.

Why Local SEO Services

Local SEO is similar to SEO but it has a more targeted profile. The online market is, after all, a very large space. If you use SEO generally, it might have a very broad reach. If you are looking to target the people around your vicinity, then Local SEO Services would be ideal for you. Hence, this could work for all types of professions including selling or products and offering of services.


  1. Our PPC campaigns were not working and we thought we did everything by the book. Then Advertising.com.my came in and now we have more sales than we can handle!!! Edward Blyth – Café Owner
  2. We have been working with SEO providers in the past. While some worked, there were nothing spectacular. When Advertising.com.my came in, they were attentive to details and took the time to understand our business. This worked wonders!! Melissa Hill, Secretarial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of your services?

As long as it is in digital marketing, we offer them. Our main forte is in SEO while we offer everything else including PPC advertising, social media marketing, video advertising, web design, reputation management and even customized services.

What are your charges like?

Rest assured that our services are very cost-effective and affordable. Call us today for any pricing issues and we will explain in detail. No obligations, if you are not comfortable with any service, you don’t need to buy it.

What other added services do you offer?

One thing for sure, engaging us will change your business. Our tools and packages are tested and proven while we have a team of friendly and approachable staff who are experienced and honest.

How cost effective are your solutions?

We know that cost is always a factor for your business. We are committed to keeping the cost low and pushing your rankings high. This is what we do and we do it the legitimate way.

Do I need SEO since my business is doing fine?

Yes, online visibility is crucial. Your competitors are in there, so you should too.


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