United States of America Embassy Malaysia


The United States of America or USA is the biggest economy in the world although certain market analysts are fast debating this. However, it remains as among the most powerful countries in the world today.
As such, its representation is expected in most countries that have bilateral ties with. This is the same situation as in Malaysia where it operates an embassy in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital.

Facts and Figures

In Malaysia, the establishment of the US Embassy is the result of the diplomatic relations between the US and Malaysia. This took place in 1957 after Malaysia gained its independence. After that, the diplomatic relations grew by leaps and bounds and in 2014, the two governments established the Comprehensive Partnership. To date, both the countries have a very significant relationship in areas including:

  1. Trade
  2. Investment
  3. Culture
  4. Education

The US Embassy in Malaysia is located at:

376 Jalan Tun Razak50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 60-3-2168-5000

Education Options in the US

Education is one of the major areas that has fostered the relationship between the US and Malaysia. One of the most prominent programs that have been launched is the US Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia. In fact, this is one of the world’s largest which has helped to improve and develop the command of English Language skills among the secondary schools’ students in Malaysia.

Besides that, the International Visitor Leadership programs have seen many students benefiting through fellowship activities and exchange efforts for the youth. The AFCP or Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation is one of the initiatives that has been put in place in preserving Malaysia’s cultural heritage.

Economic and Trade Associations between US and Malaysia

Malaysia and the US both have similar interests in various areas globally. Among the organizations that the 2 governments are involved in include:

  • United Nations
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum
  • ASEAN Regional Forum
  • International Monetary Fund or IMF
  • World Bank
  • World Trade Organization or WTO
  • East Asia Summit

Business and Trading

One of the major roles of the US Embassy in Malaysia is to be the advisory platform for those intending to do business between the 2 countries.

This is where American firms and individuals who are looking to conduct any form of business in Malaysia can gain sound and legitimate advise while knowing more about the legislation and opportunities here.

On the other hand, the US Embassy also provides advice and consultancy for business owners and individuals from Malaysia looking to venture into the United States.

Importing from the US

For traders in Malaysia, the US Embassy plays a crucial role to help them get started, especially in identifying where they should invest into and how. Among the areas that the Embassy helps include:

  1. Finding the right supplier – The US Embassy helps companies from Malaysia in finding which US supplier would suit their needs. This could be in areas like fish and forestry or in agriculture through the Foreign Agriculture Service
  2. A list of US Suppliers that provide all the relevant and contact information of those who meet the standards
  3. Trade Shows that in the US where importers are able to meet suppliers who might help in business marketing and promotions

Traveling to and from the US

The US Embassy plays an integral role for anyone traveling to and from the US. This is because there are some very strict regulations on visas and security issues. For US citizens, the Embassy provides:

  1. Passport services
  2. Renewal services for adults and children
  3. Limited Validity Passports

Meanwhile, Malaysians who are planning to visit the United States for reasons such as education, leisure or business will have to apply for a visa beforehand. This can be done at the Embassy which includes an interview stage.

Investments and money

There are very close ties in terms of trading and investments between Malaysia and the United States. This was formed and fostered through the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement in 2004. In the last 10 years alone, there has been a 2% growth in terms of imports from the US to Malaysia. The services sector meanwhile had a large growth of up to 94%. Other significant numbers include:

  • the US exports amounted to almost USD12 billion in 2016 to Malaysia. The most imported products are electrical machinery, aircraft, plastics and others
  • In the agriculture segment, US exports more than USD800 million. This covered dairy products, processed vegetables, fresh fruit and soybeans, among others
  • The services industry category is the largest which totaled to an estimated nearly USD3 billion. This was up to 2015 and over the next 3 years has continued to grow exponentially
  • In 2015, the FDI from the US in Malaysia totaled USD14 billion.
  • Malaysia is in the top 20 largest trading partner (18th) with the US
  • In terms of goods trading, Malaysia is the third largest. The largest goods trading partner with the US is China followed by Singapore
  • It goes without saying that the US has continuously been one of the largest traders in Malaysia


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