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Using WeChat for Marketing

Wechat marketing in Malaysia

WeChat Expert in Malaysia

What are the marketing opportunities?

Besides letting you talk and chat with each other, WeChat provides you with a full mobile commerce payment function. This simply means that the user scan link their bank accounts through WeChat and make purchases. This function alone makes the tool extremely attractive for sales and marketing.


– This is perhaps one of the most exciting functions on mobile networks today. You can show off your products in Weshop, a new marketing feature implemented by Wechat.

Rewards and Points

– Through WeChat, you can now allow your customers to collect rewards, points, discount vouchers and even any ongoing promotions that you are running. With this, your marketing campaign becomes a lot more engaging.


– We can help you to engage your customers for purchases immediately.

In-Store Payments

– Cashless payments and transactions become a lot more interesting and interactive. Your customers in your retail store can now point and pay without having to take out their wallets.

There is no denying that WeChat is used by a lot of consumers in the Malaysian market and that in itself poses a large potential and pool of customers alone for any marketing effort.

The use of data-based communication tools have already taken the world by storm. This is so evident so much that not only are mobile users and consumers using the likes of Whatsapp, LINE and WeChat for communication and staying in touch, they are being touted as one of the most effective marketing tools to exist ever since the internet came about.

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