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Advertising.com.my is the best in the Malaysian market to help you blast your mobile marketing messages to your target audience. As the leader in WhatsApp Blaster in Malaysia, you can trust us for all your mobile marketing needs.

What we can do?

We have been in digital marketing in Malaysia for more than 20 years. As such, we have the industry know-how to help you promote your business with more impact at the lowest cost.

World-class Support

Real-time updates and support, we are available 24/7 in Whatsapp and we love doing it.

Broadcast more Images and Video!

We are the only Whatsapp marketing provider who can broadcast video or image with caption per message. How about topping that with icy long text?

One-Click Broadcast

Watch the response in real time. Optimise your Whatsapp campaign by delivering what your customers want.

Localised Sender ID

We use real local numbers for your own country. For example 60 for Malaysia, 65 for Singapore, 62 for Indonesia, etc. *Depends on Stock availability

No Setup fee, no hidden charges

No catch, you only pay what you need, with no hidden charges.


Our Whatsapp Business API Blasting Rates (Contact us for latest promo rates)



– Best used for small businesses, one credit allows you to send one message to one recipient which includes reports, filtering and sending of text, one image or video.

  1. Rate: RM 0.99 per message
  2. Filtering: Included
  3. Report Generating: Yes
  4. Content: Text, Video or Image for any campaign
  5. Message Template provided


– If you intend to receive reply from your target audience, use this platform.

  1. Rates depends on volume
  2. Filtering: Included
  3. Report Generating: Yes
  4. Content: Text & Image
  5. Video:  no extra charge
  6. Message Template provided

Note: Rates above are per message, discounts available bulk purchase. Should you need any additional services not listed above, contact us today and we can discuss for the best rate.

WhatsApp Blaster Marketing Software and Channels not required!

Note: All Whatsapp blasting software you buy in the market or from any private seller are not usable 

– Moreover, channels are only valid for few hours.

With our solutions, you do not need to worry about any of these and just let us do the tedious jobs for you.

We provide approved and legal broadcasting service for Whatsapp platform. Our system is connected to official API providers.


Reach the Masses

– No longer will you be sending messages out through the traditional mass media. With WhatsApp Business, you can now reach the masses of your intended market. You can have more potential customers through this platform as our records show that 20% of our messages sent through WhatsApp received responses.​

return on investment

Return On Investment

– No other media comes close to the kind of ROI you enjoy using WhatsApp Business. You will enjoy the fact that you are paying a small amount for large returns for sure.



– You can now promote your business and the products or services in the shortest time possible. Start reaching potential customers in a relatively short time without having to pay exorbitant rates.

Plain-traditional communication

As a mobile marketing tool, WhatsApp Business gives marketers the platform to engage in some plain and traditional communication service. It is as simple as sending out a flyer, an email or a letter which has been done in the past.

With WhatsApp Business Marketing, they can send just about any type of message whether to a group of targeted customers or to a mass group of receivers. Its all about communication and it is as simple as that! The truth is, no other media has ever come close to this type of accuracy when it comes to targeted marketing.

When Facebook spend close to US2 billion to buy WhatsApp, it got everyone talking about it. In fact, it was such a big deal that market analysts and observers were all interested to know just what makes Facebook spend so much to buy WhatsApp and what makes this such a good investment. The answer really is perhaps on one single issue – OPPORTUNITIES!

Active Engagement with consumers

All advertisers will want to engage the customer in some way. All media owners will tell you that they can reach the right target market and get them to participate in your campaign.

But not all media owners can achieve that. WhatsApp can, period! When they send a marketing message out, asking for a reply is almost zero-cost. With such a great call-to-action function, it has got all marketers sit up and take notice.



It does not matter where you are as long as you are on any mobile network in Asian countries, our Whatsapp Business marketing service will reach your market. We have an offices in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur which would be very convenient if you are running your businesses here. However, we can support your business even if you are in Indonesia or even Australia because we have the expertise and technical know-how and our support are connected with you anytime through online, Skype and Whatsapp.

Good promo


You can rest assured that our Whatsapp Business Mobile Marketing system works and we deliver quality campaigns. No more trial and test those desktop software which are snake oil. They will end up costing you more. Just start with us and you are all set to propel your marketing campaigns. You just have to worry about your data, our system will guarantee to deliver to all your users in your campaigns.

Enterprise-grade security and reliability, powering over 1200 clients worldwide

HOW DO YOU START USING OUR Whatsap Business marketing panel?

Let us assist you in starting your own Mobile marketing campaign. With our years of experience and knowledge, your campaign can kick-start very easily. No matter where your business is in Asia, reaching your target market has never been easier with Mobile marketing. Whether it is Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Shanghai or India, your marketing campaigns will now reach a higher level with our Mobile solutions.

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