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3D Design and Storytelling


How can 3D help your brand?

To understand how 3D can contribute to your brand, there is a need to understand the effectiveness of visuals. There is no dispute that visuals play an important role in advertising and marketing. The use of videos make it all the more compelling. Now, just imagine having your story told in 3D format! That would surely increase the viewer’s experience tenfold.
Where and in situations would 3D designs be useful? This would include:

  1. E-Commerce – particularly for product showcase. This is a very common tool used by clothing and apparel companies.
  2. Property – Perfect for walkthroughs and virtual tour of properties
  3. Automotive – For showcase of vehicles using a digital device

3D Design services

In 3D design, there are various facets that are involved. One of the most important factors that need to be considered is where your focus should be and what expertise are you looking for. Services would usually include the following:

Concept Art

This is where you engage a 3D designer who will put your idea into 3D graphics. These services can be quite specialized as it requires the provider to fully understand what you are looking for and what you want. It could be:

  1. an idea of an existing product with enhancements
  2. and extension of a current product line
  3. a whole new concept of product
  4. a ridiculous idea for presentation

Storyboard and storytelling

This type of service can be very compelling. What you seek to achieve really is to use 3D modeling to be your storyboard. What it entails would be hours of rendering for the designer. From an idea of a concept to a final story, it will be told in full 3D platform. Besides coming in story form, it could well be your brand messaging platform.

Product design and modeling

This type of service do not only cover products which are usually commodities but will involve larger items like real estate and automotive. Basically, it covers designing of a product (usually using CAD) and then presenting it as a final outcome. The services that you can get from the design house include understanding your product’s specifications, dimensions and requirements and then creating it from scratch (bottom up).

Motion graphics and animation

This is where videos become a lot more exciting. In motion graphics and 3D animation, you will need to find among the top 3D animators if you want the outcome to be effective. This is because you would want the result to have the desired effects. Motion graphics and animation basically covers all the areas starting from ideation, sketching, storyboarding, rendering and then producing the final outcome. The end result could be a short animation video that tells the message of your product or brand.

Architecture walkthrough

This is perhaps the most common 3D modeling services that are very much sought after. In fact, architecture walkthrough services are commonly seek after by property developers, real estate agents and even history-related experts like archaeologists. By using 3D models in these walkthroughs, viewers get a virtual feel as to what to expect in the premises of their choice.

Advertising video

Probably one of the most popular forms of 3D design services in recent years as brand owners start to use more innovative means for advertising. Instead of the run-of-the-mill ads that have been previously used, they now render the services of 3D animators and create videos that are digital and then shared on social media and the internet to maintain relevance to its viewers.

3D Printing’s progress

3D Printing, as the name implies uses materials that are solidified to produce items in 3-dimensional format. Suffice to say, this technology has changed the way people live and operate since it was introduced.

Over the past few years, 3D Printing has become a major wave mainly because of the affordability of costing, material and printers. Because of the fact that these equipment has become affordable and widely accessible, printing items from the comfort of the home in 3D has become possible. As such, more people are picking up new skills which was once only for the specialists.