4As – Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia

4As-LogoThe 4As is the abbreviated name for the Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia that oversees all the different aspects of advertising in the country as well as the agents that promote and execute the plans. Founded in the 1960s, the 4As was established to ensure that good advertising is preserved as well as the general public being informed on the services provided by advertising agencies and to protect their interests and well being as well. Its role is to function as a voice for the advertising agency, providing valuable input to its members as well as interacting with the government and authoritative bodies on the various issues in the industry.

It also takes up the role of the mediator between the advertising industry and other industries to ensure the quality of its products and services. It also plays a major role in engaging other communities like the business sector, corporate and public sectors in dialogues and discussions in exposing them to the importance and relevance of advertising while education the members and the industry through its academic courses with the most industry relevant workforce. Its objectives include establishing the importance and relevance of advertising in the industry.

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