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4C’s on using Twitter for business

Twitter has been one of the major movers in any industry across the world since it was established. Unlike other social networks, Twitter has its unique identity of being a micro-blogging site.

Twitter wave catching on in Malaysia

The popularity of Twitter is rising fast, especially in Malaysia. That is why a lot of Malaysian businesses opt to use Twitter to ‘tweet’ about their company, brand, product and service. The truth is however, companies had a hard time to keep the followers in their channel.

How to incorporate Twitter successfully

The next time you consider using Twitter as part of your social media campaign, consider these 4C’s:

  • Celebrity - Twitter is all about following famous people’s update and posts. Therefore, it is easier for celebrities to “tweet’ rather than brands or products. An effective way to keep the followers for your channel is to keep a personality for what you are doing. You need to set the trend and not just follow blindly according to the market. Remember, you are the opinion leader not follower.
  • Conversation - Twitter is a social environment that allows a discussion or conversation. Therefore, it is regarded as a two-way communication tool. Marketers should avoid the perception thinking that the world revolves around them. You need to think from customers’ point-of-view. Customers want to create a conversation and exchange opinions and comments with you. Thus, provide a forum and interact with customers for their valuable feedback.
  • Customer relations - Twitter serves a platform for the people to speak and interact with businesses.
  • Charity - Twitter is proven as one of the strongest channel to engage and also enable social activities. For example, Twestival, a charitable event in support of clean water managed to raise approximately $1 million thanks to the cooperation of members of Twitter. You can utilize twitter smartly to raise awareness for your product or service.

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