988 FM


988FM is perhaps one of the oldest radio stations in Malaysia. It is a Chinese language radio station which is heard across the country and Singapore as well. 988FM is operated by Star Media group, one of the major media owners in Malaysia.

Long history in Malaysia

According to a recent survey, 988FM has more than 1.7 million listeners each week, making it among the top Chinese language stations in Malaysia. Its main target segment are the younger listeners as they play the latest and most recent Chinese music.

Advertising on 988 FM

Advertising on 988FM is similar to most stations with 30-second slots available for booking throughout the day and its segments. Basically, they are as follow:

  1. 6am to 10am – range between RM300 and RM800
  2. 10am – 12pm – range between RM300 and RM600
  3. 12pm to 4pm – between RM250 and RM600
  4. 4pm to 8pm – between RM250 and RM700
  5. 8pm to 6am– starts from RM60


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