Ad Spaces at Sundry Shops/Convenient Stores


Traditionally, sundry shops were the most common places to buy groceries, toiletries and everyday items before convenience stores and hypermarkets. Such outlets are still very popular today especially among housewives and residential families where you can reach this target group effectively using many types of out-of-home media available.

Media space at sundry shops

At sundry shops, your ads must be more focused and very targeted, which will strike a positive accord with your target audience. Among the factors that you must consider are:

  1. Your ads should not be too wordy
  2. average time spent in a sundry shop – typically 10 to 15 minutes
  3. call to purchase – Most housewives know what they want to purchase before visiting a sundry shop

Types of Media spaces

Sundry shops are unlike convenience stores and supermarkets. Your ads must be compelling and impactful as there is a limitation as to how long they will view it. Below are among the media spaces available.

Counter Top Ads

Take note that not all sundry shops have cashier counters or counter tops. This makes advertising in this media more challenging as compared to others. The upside to this however is that there will always be a table available for transactions and money collection. Buy this space as it is where almost every customer will go before leaving the sundry shop.

Rate: Starts from RM20 per week per display.

Ambient Ads

Unlike hypermarkets and retail stores, it is easier to arrange your ambient ads at sundry shops. In most cases, the agreement is between the advertiser and the sundry shop owner. However, you will require your own personnel to install and place the ads on-site. This depends on the size of your ad as well as other very specific requirements like promotions. In most cases, you will need to provide free gifts and premiums.

Violators or disruptive ads

This media is perhaps the most common and popular in sundry shops as they are easy to install and modified. As most sundry shops do not have a lot of shelves, your violator will stand out especially if it is seen at the spot where your product is located, thereby ensuring purchase and information. Remember that the idea is to disrupt the shopping process so that they take note of your ad.

Rate: Most violators are two-sided and cost around RM25 to RM30 for every panel charged weekly.

Category Organizers

This is where your brand ‘sponsors’ the categories available in the sundry shop. Very effective for long-term advertising as this information is not changed too frequently. Once you owned the category, you get to control what is being displayed but you will be the one responsible in changing the collateral.

Rate: Around RM60 to RM90 for every outlet per category

Banner ads

To place a banner for your brand or ad, you will need to check the size and dimension available at the specific sundry shop which means they are highly customizable. This is because every shop is different and you cannot have a pre-measured ad before buying the spot. Ensure that you have made sufficient preparation before placing your banners.

Rate: Ranges from RM35 per week per banner.

Chiller Ads

Chillers (or refrigerators) are very common fittings in sundry shops. They are like the ones in convenience stores where they sell cold drinks and certain perishable goods. Customers who are buying drinks will surely take the effort to walk to the chillers often spending an average of 2 minutes deciding what to buy. Placing your ads there will be very effective if you have a product within the chiller.

Rate: Starts from RM40 for every unit weekly per chiller.


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