Ad Spaces in Schools


There are many available media spots available at public and private schools around the country. When it comes to advertising in these locations, advertisers are advised to be careful and mindful of the messages as they can be seen by school children of all ages. As such, placing your ads in schools will need special approval from the relevant authorities before they can be displayed live.
Mini Boards

This type of media is very effective as you will be sponsoring mini boards around the school. There are many locations where the mini boards will be placed particularly in high traffic locations. Among the most common places where the mini boards can be seen includes canteens as well as outside the school office. Besides that, mini boards are used by clubs and societies.

Rate: There is a minimum volume required for these media spots with rates starting from RM6,500 per year for every board.

Outdoor boards

This usually refers to the free standing outdoor boards that are mounted along the pavement usually found outside the schools. These boards are similar to those that are seen in bus stops and taxi stands and can be usually seen in locations where the pupils usually wait for their transport after schooling hours.

This media is very effective when used to deliver corporate social responsibility messages like anti-dadah campaigns and such.

Rate: Ranges between RM5,000 to RM8,000 per unit monthly.


Depending on the location of the school and approval, you can enact your banner across the surroundings of the school. This is where your banner will be attached to the walls facing the outside or the fencing of the school field. In most cases, these banners can be very effective as they can be seen by students waiting for their transport or even passer-bys.

Rate: Starts from RM1,500 per month.


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