Ad Spaces in Small Retail and Convenience Stores


7-Eleven will be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to small retail stores. However, in recent years, there has been a rise in popularity in other brands with the establishment of 99 Speedmart, KK stores and MyNews.com, among others. This means that you can now target your audience better by placing your ads at the many media spots available in options available at these locations.
Cabinet Doors

Your ads on cabinet doors will be highly visible because they are located all around the convenience store. If you are planning to have your ad reach your specific target audience, the best way to do this is to have your ad wrapped around the cabinet where your product is located.

Rate: Starts from RM850 to RM1,200 if your ad is posted on the cabinet door. If you plan to wrap around the entire cabinet, it would be around RM2,000 per month at every outlet.

Table Tops

This is very similar to the Deskwindo found at petrol stations. Your ad is clearly visible being placed on top of the counter top which means that every single paying customer will be able to see them.

Besides the effectiveness of visibility, your ad can be the last line of influence to purchase something at the counter which is very impactful of purchase-with-purchase and short-term promotions

Rate: This type of ads are usually size-specific with rates starting from RM150 per outlet monthly

Pop Screens

You can now place your ads on Pop Screens which is very common at stores like 7-Eleven while other brands are starting to implement this media as well. What you will get is that your ad will be played at the screens located at the cashier counter which will appeal to every paying customer of the branch.

Rate: You can place your ads in the pop screens from RM70,000 which will be played at every branch of the specific convenience store.


More than 50% of every walk-in customer at a convenience store will either approach or pass-by the chiller section. This means that your ads at the chiller headers will be clearly visible, garnering a high level of impressions every time.

This is very effective if your product is beverage-related or complements any of the beverages.

Rate: Ranges between RM200 and RM300 per chiller and usually measured in cycles.

Wobbler Ambient

The advantage of using wobblers is that it can be placed at any location of your choice. In most cases, wobblers are placed at the counter top. However, it is quite common for wobblers to be mounted on prominent shelves that can be seen by walk-in customers.

Rate: Sizes would vary and is about RM35 to RM60 for every unit in every branch

Shelf Headers

At every shelf in the convenience store, you can place your ad at the main location of the eye-level. This will ensure that your ad can be clearly seen by the customer. Shelf header ads are among the most popular types of ads used by brand owners at these locations.

Rate: Around RM100 for every unit per cycle.

Entrance Glass Door

This is perhaps the most prominent media at every convenience store. Not every convenience store has a glass door but for those that do, your ad on the door will be the first thing every customer will see prior to entering the branch. If your ad is ‘loud’ and visible enough, it can even be seen by passer-bys of the branch and even vehicles that drive past the location.

Rate: Around RM400 to RM600 per door monthly.


Standees can be very effective if they are placed at strategic and high traffic areas. When you have a promotion or to reinforce a message for your brand, you can use standees that can be placed near to your products at the convenience stores. Prior arrangements with the branch owner would be required.

Rate: Around RM400 to RM600 per unit at every branch.


Buntings are highly impactful in convenience stores when they have sharp colours and large images. You can use this media to convey important messages to your target audience at the entrance or along prominent aisles of the convenience store.

Rate: About RM450 to RM600 per store.

Wall Boards

If you have a large poster ad to be displayed to your target audience, you can use the wall boards available. This will ensure that your ad can be clearly seen for every customer who walks into the store. Wall boards are usually the largest media ads in these stores.

Rate: Usually measured in cycles and starts from RM120 per unit.

Shelf Banners

This refers to the locations above the shelves where you can place your ad on the banner to be seen by customers of the convenience store. Normally, your ad is placed at the location where your product is placed.

Rate: Ranges from RM50 to RM80 for every banner.


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