Advertising on Courier Bags and Wrappers


Riding on the changes in advertising

Out-of-Home advertising has taken center stage in the last few years with consumers becoming more mobile. As they spend more time outdoors, they become more exposed to more media that are no longer confined to the limitations of space and time. This has brought about the emergence of mobile advertising, digital billboards and many others. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unprecedented change to businesses and the global economy as a whole. Expectedly, the advertising and marketing segments have been hugely influenced by this as it provides a more innovative and modern method to reach the target audience.

 Advertising on courier bags

The Malaysia e-commerce income grew to RM267.7 million in the second quarter of 2021. This was a huge 23.3% jump from the previous year’s Q2. This means that there is huge potential for advertisers especially for those who are looking for new ways that are more relevant and effective. With OOH ads, they create more impact on the audience. On top of that, this opens up more platforms in the logistics segment.

With so many options in OOH to choose from, getting the right one for your marketing campaign can be challenging. To ride on the current e-commerce trend, courier bags have become a popular item that is accessed and used by consumers each day. There are close to 1 million parcels being delivered each year by Pos Malaysia. The total number of other couriers remained unknown but it is expected to be in the tens of millions as well. Known also as tamper-proof bags, these bags are used by almost every courier company that delivers products for all types of purposes and more notably from online purchases.

Potential opportunities in this media

Courier bags and wrappers can provide a lot of exposure with benefits such as:

  • High volume and affordable – Each bag costs as low as RM0.02 and you usually lock in orders in the thousands.
  • Reach – Your ad has the potential to reach a lot of households since they are used for wrapping items.
  • Sizes – Courier bags usually come in 3 or 4 different sizes ranging from XS to XL while they can also be customized to suit certain sizes.
  • Collaboration – There is a lot of potential for cooperation where you can work with the courier service provider which can further reduce the cost and time to market.
  • Creatives – The bags can be in generic colors or be printed in colors that reflects your brand and company’s identity. You can also determine the image and text that can be printed on the bags.
  • Messaging – Depending on the size and shape of the courier bag, you can customize the advertising message for your marketing campaign.


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