Advertising – The unforgettable buying experience


The number one reminder for all marketers out there, your customers recognize and buy your products, not your COMPANY! Therefore, you need to provide an unforgettable buying experience for your prospects as well as regular customers.

Companies need to offer an experience beyond customers’ expectations.
Sometimes, price is not the main factor that will determine the success of your marketing campaign. When you first create a campaign to sell your product, yes, it is true that you need to ensure that your product is sold at a reasonable price. However, another factor worth considering is the quality of customer service provided.

You need to think from customers’ point-of-view. Remember, customers want to buy your product and not your company. Thus, focus solely of the benefits of your products or services rather than your brand or company. Business is all about the sale and interaction between the salesperson and customers. Here are some important elements you need to consider the next time you create and develop a brand-new campaign.

Understand and identify audience

The first and foremost element to consider when creating a brand-new campaign for your brand, product or service is to understand the nature of target audience. You have to remember no matter how big your organisation is, in order to achieve the predetermined sales, you are still dealing the customers individually.

You can offer a solution that suits you as well your customers.

Besides that, you have to collect and gather customers information such as their spending habit, income, personalities and style before determining the perfect campaign to sell your product or service.

After categorising your customers according to their personalities and style, you may target the message to the segmented group. By adopting this tactic, you save money and also increase the sales for your company.

Its all about individual choice

Most companies acquire their information through customer relationship management programme.

This is to ensure that the campaign meets the rationale and goals of the marketing campaign.

The programmes provide a detailed understanding of the target audience as well as the key individuals that manages the customer-salesperson relationship. By acquiring all this information, companies understand the plan clearly and able to target the right message at the right individuals without wasting money, time and effort.

However, bear in mind that it depends on customers choice and preference whether they choose your product or service.

Comfortable buying experience

After all the elements mentioned above, the last and most important factor that will determine the success of your campaign is providing the unique and comfortable buying experience for all the customers.

Providing a pleasant experience for the customers will most probably encourage the customers to return for a second purchase in the future. Thus, poor buying experience will chase your customers away.

From time to time, think of a better strategy to improve on your customer service to provide a more positive buying experience to develop a long-lasting relationship with regular customers.


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