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All in One SME magazine for entrepreneurs


A regional business magazine published in four countries which are Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei, SME is the first publication catered to small and medium enterprises. SME features high quality articles and in-depth analysis giving readers a global perspective on economy and business market. With a trendy and attractive cover complete with an innovative layout, SME is a unique publication by Advantage Integrated Communications. There are several sections in SME to suit readers taste. The current average monthly circulation is about 30, 000 copies. The monthly publication includes Special Report that brings the latest issues affecting the market and world’s economy.

This report consists of interviews with key industry players and consumers for a full in-depth analysis. As China plays an important role in today’s economy, each issue is also complete with China Roundup that will cover happenings in that country. In Personality Profile section, it features real-life successful entrepreneurs and unveils their tips to successes and advices for those who would like to start up their own business. In previous issues, among some of the featured personalities are Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump and the founder of Sony, Akio Morita.

The much-awaited Insight section features industry experts dealing with issues such as human resource, branding and public relations. These experts will share practical tips in dealing and solving the issues. Market Focus is one of the biggest draw for SME as it features analysis of the current market and focuses on the business potentials to the country. As suggested by the name itself, In The News offer local and global news including the politics, economy and corporate news affecting SME.

The combination of At Your Leisure and In The Market highlights on lighter issues such as book review, selection of new products as well as the selected Editor’s Choice product of the month. SME is diversified in its articles and are written by excellent correspondents to ensure that it meets the market’s demand. A must-have magazine for those interested in economy and business industry!