Attracting prospects with small space ads

Here are some top tips to attract prospects with small space ads.

Tip 1: Identify target audience
When your company first designs an advertisement, understand the nature of the target audience. Try to convince those who are interested in your product or service. Select the right publication to advertise your product or service.
For example, if you are promoting a product that appeals to mothers, select publication that targets mother instead of cars enthusiast. If you advertise on a variety of publication without considering their target audience, you are wasting your money and effort. 

Tip 2: Never sell your product or service in ads
Yes, you got it right. Do not sell your products or services in the ads. People are bombarded with thousands of ads trying to sell their products and this has become a cliché.
Bear in mind that the main objective of an ad is to attract interested prospects to your products and services. The ads also serve as a reminder to remind the regular customers of your products’ existence in the market.
First and foremost, you may gather your prospects email addresses for follow-ups in the future. Then, identify the potential prospects and start telling them about your latest products and offerings in newsletter.

Tip 3: Offer incentive
Customers are most likely attracted to punchy and catchy headlines when they first scan through a list of advertisements. Therefore, create a compelling headline and also include an offer in the copy to attract prospects to read thru your body copy.
An offer serves as an encouragement for the prospects to act immediately. The most effective headline is to include an offer in it. Without an offer in your headline or body copy, there is no decision to make and thus, you have failed to increase the sales and profits for your company.

Tip 4: Explain benefits of your offer
When your ads have successfully attracted attention of your prospects, you need to tell and explain more on the benefits of the offer. Most customers are attracted to bulleted list as readers can scan through the information clearly.

Tip 5: Clear and concise instructions
This part of your ad is commonly known as Call to Action. Never assume that your prospects have the ability to figure out what to do with the offer. Always treat the prospects as first-time customers.
Hence, you have to explain briefly step-by-step what they must do to get the offer. If your offer requires them to call you, tell them directly in the ads.

Tip 6: Encourage them to act
After telling them what to do with the offer, you have to encourage them to act IMMEDIATELY. This is commonly known as sense of urgency. If your prospects do not act now, then you have lost a potential business deal.
You may include a deadline to encourage the procrastinators to do something after reading trough your ad. Check out other ads and use them as a guide to create a sense of urgency in your own ad.

Tip 7: Test it again and again
As you have created a headline earlier, you need to test and check out if it works and has the ability to attract prospects out there. Jot down the number or responses you received.
Find out the best publication to place your ad. During this period, you may change or refine your ad to ensure that it can maximize the profits for your product or brand.

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