Best Practices Over the Years in Online Advertising

In advertising, there is never a rule-book although there are guidelines. Best practices are perhaps your good bet to try and learn from the best. New media and contemporary advertising are changing by the minute. That which is good today might not be good tomorrow so you need to pick up what you can and then move on from there. Along the way, you could perhaps derive your own best practices as well.

What are we talking about?

In this article, we aim to bring out a few of the advertising concepts that have been effective in the past which are still very much powerful TODAY! While some of these are not new, what makes them powerful is that they have not changed much, but has evolved to fit their target audiences throughout the years.

Hit their emotions

There was a time when the big brands produced heart-wrenching videos. That was before the advent of YouTube. Now with video sharing becoming so common, these heart-wrenching videos continue to stir the heart-strings of the viewers. In fact, they continue to create impact within users of the net. In fact, their videos are a lot richer and more captivating, and more brands (both big and small) are now doing this.

Associate with positivity

Consumers will always remember you if they are happy or passionate about you. How do you do this? You associate your brand with positive vibes and messages. It can be a certainly remarkable achievement (like a sportsperson winning a medal) or a happiness message. That way, your users will always remember you. Think about how Coca-Cola seemed to always associate themselves with football and sporting events.

Establish a movement

There are 2 very important keywords here. When you start a movement (sometimes called a bandwagon), everyone who is interested would want in. Users today, particularly the younger ones are fast catching on terms like:

  • FOLO – Fear of Losing Out
  • YOLO – You Only Live Once

If it is something cool, everyone and anyone would want to BE IN! This multiplier effect is infectious. The challenge really is how you can create a buzz so strong that everyone who heard it wants to be part of it. With Twitter and Instagram, the images will spread like wildfire. All you need is a group of people catching on and the rest will surely follow suit.

Value add your products

Remembering that your customers would in most cases know about your products and services. In fact, they would sometimes know them before you do. It is, after all, the customers’ market today. Hence, when you advertise, you might not want to brag too much about the features of your products. Instead, you should start focusing on the benefits of owning your products or services. Why would they want to buy your product? Is it about the brand or that your product is better than the rest? When they are happy and like what you can offer, they will tell others about it. This will then move your campaign towards positive word-of-mouth (WOM) one. Focus NOT on what you are selling but what you can offer in your products.

Tell stories

Stories will always have lasting impressions. When you tell stories to your customers, they will have a reaction. Everyone loves a good story. No one wants to watch a video that only talks about what the product can do and such. If you trace back to how marketers put up their ads, they have been telling stories for the longest time. Infuse storytelling in your advertising and your consumers will want to be associated with your brand. This is because it is not possible for anyone to be associated to a single product for all their live. If they follow your brand, they will automatically follow your products. If your brand’s story resonate with them, they will always remember you.

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