All-time biggest corporate blogging mistakes that you should avoid

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Corporate blogs are meant to enhance the communication in a corporation for branding, marketing or public relation purposes. A typical corporate blog contains text, images, other related topics as well as link to other blogs.

However, most corporate blog today fails to convey information for a company. With more and more blogs emerging, readers tend to shove the blogs away. Thus, these companies fail in increasing awareness for their brand.

Here are some all-time biggest corporate blogging mistakes that you should avoid.

Mistake 1: Fail to define ‘real’ goal

First and foremost one company should take note is to have real goal in businesses. Bear in mind that goals are also motivators that will help your company to progress in the future.

Forget about community, comments and subscribers as your goals. Corporate blogs should focus on search engine optimization. When new subscribers search for blogs to solve their problem, they will type in keywords in search engines. Thus, companies should make blogging for search as top priority.

Mistake 2: Title of you blog

Most companies try to go ‘cute’ or create something unique which is rather hard for customers to remember. By all account, this is the biggest mistake of all-time. Most of the time, companies create titles which are only relevant to search engines and searchers themselves.

Bear in mind that search engines produce results based on the specific keywords your prospects may be searching.

Mistake 3: Specific keyword content

Content in most of the corporate blogs are too broad. Corporate should stick to the content that engages the reader. The first few lines of blog is important as it determines whether the readers will continue reading the rest of the blog or leave it right there and then.

Besides titles, keywords also play an important role. Keywords help to guide what your company should be writing about. Keywords may help the readers to track down your web site on the search engines.

However, do not overdo with keywords. Use logical keywords to represent your blog. Do not include all the keywords in the copy of your blog as it will then look like a spammer.

Mistake 4: Create enough content

Once you are done with titles and keywords, focus on the content. Ensure that the updates or post on your blog are consistent. Keep the readers updated with latest offerings and happenings in your company.

If possible, utilize all the staffs in your company as bloggers. Because a blog post is not an article that resembles a news piece, rather, it is a story-telling post that uses a friendly tone to interact with customers. Thus, do not underestimate staffs in your company as they may turn out to be good story-teller.

Corporate blogs are supposed to provide credible and trustworthy stories. Write something interesting to generate more traffic. Companies can also encourage everyone to participate and join in corporate blogging effort.

Mistake 5: Encourage customers to action

Corporate blogs can bring in new customers and prospects. Utilize every blog post as it helps to take the readers to the next step in forming a potential relationship with your company (such as conducting business with you).


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