Bing continues upwards in market share with better ROI as compared to Google


The Search Engine market is one of the most competitive markets around recently with the recent Microsoft Bing entering the fray which is very much controlled by Google. However, since its launch Bing has been steadily climbing up the charts and has been doing so well that its market share has breached the 30% mark last month.

It was at 28.48% in February.

The market leader Google though dropped to 64.42% from its previous month of 66.69%.

In a related development, it is reported that while Google is still the top in terms of search engine ad spending and consumer clicks, Bing is preferred as it gives companies better ROI (Return on Investments).

This is where Bing has recorded an increase of 10% for Q1 while Google recorded a drop of 12% which means that although Google is still very much the de facto standard in search engines, company are slowly turning towards other more ‘profitable’ or ‘value for money’ search engine and that is where Bing comes into the picture.


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