Can Affiliate Marketing work in Malaysia?


Affiliate marketing is one of the branches of marketing which has been around for a long time. In its own unique ways, they are very effective but with the advent of digital platforms, this has changed tremendously.

How does it work really?

Affiliate marketing feeds on the concept of affiliation. It is supposed to benefit both parties. You promote another brand’s products and then you earn a small fee if there are customers who buy the product(s) through your marketing efforts. The model here is revenue sharing in which everyone wins, and it works both ways for your partner and yourself.

Get them in social media

Affiliate marketing is still very alive and dynamic in a country like Malaysia. Customers are buying online based on recommendations and influencers. They are following renowned figures who are constantly featuring products through their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. Besides that, more contemporary platforms are coming around like Tik-Tok and Snapchat which have garnered huge followings as well. And let’s not forget there is a YouTube Affiliate program as well.

E-commerce affiliate marketing

Another platform that has gained a lot of traction is through e-commerce sites. Lazada and Shopee are 2 of the top e-commerce sites in Malaysia. Lazada has its own Affiliate Program the gives you a commission when you sell for them. In fact, you can enjoy about 6 to 10% commission through any sale through Lazada. Among some examples are:

  • Zalora offers 6% for new customers and 4% for returning customers through its affiliation program
  • Winetalk – No stranger to the affiliate marketing sector, they give out about 8% for every sale

Is Malaysia the right market?

For sure, Malaysia is one of the rising markets with a large digital customer base. Internet penetration in Malaysia is at 83% (2019) which means there is a large pool of customers who are online within the country both on mobile and computers.

Why not when it is going up?

It has been forecasted that the E-commerce market in Malaysia will reach US11 billion by 2025. This means that Malaysians are spending a lot of time online and this is on an upward trend. In light of this, Malaysia has a growing group of YouTubers but they still remain in the developing stages. There is a lot of room to grow in the various facets of affiliate marketing. We just need to tap into the right ones.


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