Carat Malaysia

Carat Malaysia is one of the major media agencies in the country. Part of a larger and global firm, it is one of the leading and independent media planning and buying specialists in the world today.

Leader in media solutions

Carat is one of the most established media agencies in the world. The market-leader in a diversified media solutions and digital media, it was established back in 1968. Then, it was owned by the Aegis Group plc and would be the first specialist media agency.
Over the years, it has grown by leaps and bounds and today is present in more than 70 countries across the world. It has a workforce of more than 5,000 people worldwide and has already been working with some of the top names and industry leaders.

Focusing on digital

One of the major areas that Carat is focusing on is in the digital media. With its many years of experience and expertise in the media industry, Carat would be able to deliver better and more efficient services to its clients

Services offered by Carat

In Malaysia, Carat started out in 1977 as the first media specialist agency. With clients like Cadbury, Maybank and KFC, Carat Malaysia has been growing significantly since then. Among the services provided by Carat include:

  • Strategy – Carat help to formulate communication strategies that are effective through their ICP or Integrated Communications Planning.
  • Data – Carat is very specialized in helping clients find new and effective ways to use data in the modern media campaign.
  • Digital Activation – Digital is very much at the forefront of any campaign and that what Carat is all about
  • Search – a team of search specialists are assigned to help clients through iProspect, the sister company of Carat Malaysia
  • Social – Social Media plays an important role not only for individuals but for businesses as well. As Carat provides media planning in the digital platform, a team of specialists at Carat is ready to help clients in helping them to capitalize on the opportunities available through social networks. This includes leveraging on paid-for options like Facebook and other areas.
  • Planning – As a major media planning agency since its inception, Carat has a track record that many would be envious of as it has won many major awards for their excellent media planning strategies.
  • and many others
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