City Plus FM


City Plus FM is a Chinese format talk radio station. Owned by Cense Media, it is part of the company that runs Kupi-Kupi FM.

City Plus FM started airing in May 2017 and has been growing its listener base ever since through its well-managed and streamed content to its loyal following.

Background of City Plus FM 

In April 2016, City Plus FM started its test transmission in Kuching, Sarawak. Meanwhile, the station also began testing its transmission in the Klang Valley through its Mount Telapak Burok transmitter station. City Plus FM is known and marketed to be primarily a business radio station where it provides content mainly in the Chinese language. The segment that the station targets are mostly Chinese-speaking Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen or PMEBs. The station also targets small and medium enterprises.

Launch and development of the station 

City Plus FM was officially launched in May 2017 at FM92.5Mhz in Kuching and FM106.0Mhz for the Klang Valley. Today, it provides an alternative platform for listeners to tune in and get the latest updates and information that range across various topics.

It has interviews with corporate leaders and personalities, news from the local and international fronts as well as entertainment.

While it also covers topics like property and real estate, health and current affairs, City Plus FM is tuned in for independent music during the non-DJ hours. This is when there is music played from Hong Kong and China, Japan and the surrounding regions.


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