Comparing Social Media

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In marketing, it is imperative that the right tools are used at the right time in order to fully maximize your marketing dollars. Social media is now the buzz word for all forms of marketing.

Fast replacing traditional media

For contemporary marketers, social media has begun replacing a lot of traditional media in their campaigns. This simply means that more advertising budget is now being allocated into social media instead of the old TV, old school radio and even in print. So what is compelling top brands into prioritizing these media?

Facebook – The top social media for marketing

No matter what anyone says, Facebook will be the first platform for anyone. With more than 1.8 billion users in its fray, your potential customers will be endless. So why is Facebook the top platform for marketers?

  1. Engagement – When you use Facebook for marketing, you get to connect with your current customers directly. On top of that, you are open to millions of other potential customers.
  2. Target market – This is a main factor of using Facebook. When you latch on this social network, you get to target your customers based on what they really like. Your ads can be seen by groups that are highly specific. The icing on the cake is that you can even catch them at specific demographics.
  3. Location – This is easy! Facebook marketing let you reach your market from just about any location, across the world

On the other hand, you need to consider that Facebook has been around for quite a while. The users are starting to age. So, if you are looking for a younger target market, there might be other options.

Twitter – Great for SMEs

Twitter has been a conundrum to many. It is not the easiest social media to use but it has its perks. After all, it has over 300 million users every month. Because of its limitations, it might not be the ideal channel to replace traditional media, but it would be perfect for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

  1. Engagement – Using Twitter is very focused. What you want is to have direct communication with your market. Most users and customers would use Twitter to directly connect with the brands or products they are interested in.
  2. Relationship – Twitter is great to build personal relationships with your customers. Generally, Twitter can do what Facebook cannot. That is to build connection and strengthen them.
  3. Feedback – This is instantaneous where your customer gets better experience from their interaction with you.

Instagram – Where a picture paints a thousand words

Get this straight. Instagram belongs to Facebook. So what you get through Instagram can be somewhat similar. However, the interaction experience would be different as Instagram is more visual.

  1. Sharing of information – Because of the nature of interaction, it has been found that users are at least 50 times more likely to share an Instagram post as compared to Facebook. The comparison with Twitter is even more compelling (more than 100 times).
  2. Branding – Instagram is great for you to promote and enhance your brand awareness. After all, it is a visual-based platform and every marketer will know that images leave better and longer impressions.

Take note that Instagram is the social network for the younger user profiles mostly between 14 to 36 years of age.

Pinterest influencing purchasing

Pinterest has been the unique and maybe different social media used in marketing. It has more than 150 million users each month. Although this figure is a lot lesser than the rest, it has been found that close to 90% of the users have used Pinterest before making a purchase.

  1. Image marketing – This is the same concept with Instagram. With images, your marketing campaign becomes easier, and they last longer too!
  2. Driving users to your website – It is easier to drive users to your website as compared to other social media. When you post an image in Pinterest, they are automatically hyperlinked to where it came from which means users who are in that site can easily click the link to your Pinterest image.

Google+ – Ideal for integrated online marketing

When Google+ was released, the industry was holding its breath on whether it would change the game for Facebook. Sadly, it hasn’t! However, this does not mean Google+ does not work. It has created a lot of dent in the market and you can create circles too.

  1. Be found online – Using the Google platform means that you can easily be found by your customer online.
  2. Linked to your other Google accounts – This is where you integrate your entire Google account into one. Perfect if you are email, location, videos and other Google services in your marketing campaign
  3. Target market – Like Facebook, Google+ allows you to profile the exact demographics of your target audience. With Google’s analytics, you can now choose which market to share information to and to connect to and use these segments for your marketing campaign.

What about WhatsApp and WeChat?

While the social media networks are great for marketing, what about mobile apps like WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE? These apps have become the must-have in every smartphone user across the world. WhatsApp has reached its billion mark while WeChat and LINE are fast closing the gap. These apps are the de facto applications for communication. Hence, there will be no dispute that they must be considered in social media marketing.

  1. Cost – The most important factor here is cost. It is almost free to send a WhatsApp message (although for businesses, there might be a small cost involved)
  2. Groups – You can create groups of recipients and share information instantaneously.
  3. Potential of reach – This is straightforward! When you use these apps, you get to reach customers from all around the world. Almost two in every three people holds a smartphone. So, your market pool is extremely huge
  4. Targeting – unlike SMS, you can target people from certain groups. You can choose which country and interest groups they are in which would coincide with your brand.


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