Create a punchy headline

 It is extremely important to capture your prospects’ and customers’ attention in order to generate traffic for your web site. First and foremost, you have to ensure that your company offers something unique and extraordinary solution for these customers.

In order to capture customers’ attention, you need to create a punchy headline. Once the customers click on your article, they will just scan through the article for important information. Thus, a punchy and catchy headline is the key that will determine the success for your brand and product.

So, bear in mind that the most useful tool to capture customers’ attention is headline. Here are few effective and practical tips to create a punchy headline.

Tip 1: Understand the purpose

As a marketer, you need to understand the purpose of your headline. Bear in mind that all headlines have the same core objective; to capture attention of your prospects. An effective headline is always brief, clear and concise, filled with information.

Usually, marketers use “How to” headline and consumers can get the answers subsequently by reading the article. Headline must also present in a verbal presentation, verbal in-person presentation as well as telephone presentation.

If you fail to capture attention of your prospects, you have lost an opportunity to make a sale. You should grab attention with your headlines immediately. A powerful headline can make people stop and read on for more information.

Think from customers’ point-of-view. What makes you stop and take a second look at a particular headline of an article? Probably because the headline is interesting or it offers a solution. The same theory applies to all your marketing materials that include ads, flyers, brochures, sales letters and also web site.

Tip 2: Prepare a headline for all marketing vehicle

People look at the headline and determine whether the piece will offer them anything unique or interesting. Thus, bear in mind that marketing piece without headline is useless.

Marketing piece without a headline is commonly known as “headless wonders”. Thus, never create a marketing piece without a headline. Always prepare few potential headlines for a marketing piece.

Tip 3: Do not use your business name as the headline

The core purpose of marketing is to help the people to get what they want. When your company decides to use the name of the business as the headline, this tactic seems desperate.

Marketing piece with the name of business as headline is bound to doom sooner or later. People need and want a solution from your marketing piece, not the name of your business.

Using the name of business as headline is a complete waste of time and money. Notice that a number of small business ads in the newspaper use their business’ name as headline.

As explained earlier, headlines must capture the attention of your prospects. Hence, marketers should write and create an attention-grabbing headline.

Tip 4: Do not use a joke as your headline

Marketing campaign should be clever and creative, not funny. Thus, if possible, avoid using puns as your headline. Yes, many of the advertisers that produced funny commercials often win awards.

However, these products failed in the market because the prospects don’t buy from ‘clowns’ but they laugh at them.

Tip 5: Identify the purpose of your marketing piece before creating a headline

Understand the core purposes of a marketing piece; to capture attention of your prospects, convert prospects into first-time customers as well as increase the profits of your company by selling more products and services to current customers.

Before you create a headline for your marketing piece, identify the main objective. For example, if your marketing piece is meant to capture attention of prospects, you may offer free tips to get them to respond to your campaign.

However, if your campaign aims to convert prospects into first-time customers, you may offer an incentive to encourage them to try out your product.

If your marketing piece aims to sell more products or services, you have to come up with a special package deal or discount for early birds.

All in all, marketers should learn how to use this tool correctly to attain more new customers and retain the current customers.

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