Create an interesting direct mail

Direct mail should contain relevant information and be direct. But sadly, direct mail often ends up as junk mail. Marketers need to ensure that the content in the mail can make an impact or influence the target audience. Here are few practical and effective tips to create a successful direct mail campaign.

Tip 1: Attract attention
Create excitement. That’s the most effective method to grab readers’ attention. Just stick to the ‘attention-grabbing’ approach. That ensures the readers to pick up your direct mail to find out more about your brand and product.

But how exactly do you grab readers’ attention? Marketers may write a punchy and amusing headline or even include incentive in the mail. But do not overload it with incentive as the mail is then regarded as a tacky campaign.

Tip 2: The right target audience
No matter how good or brilliantly written your mail, it is pointless if you target it at the wrong person. It is a waste of time, effort and money if you are targeting at the wrong group of audience.

Sort out a list of potential customers and direct the campaign at these people. Before you sort out the list, your company must prepare these customers’ database that includes their spending habit and behaviour.

Tip 3: Clear and concise copy
The main purpose of creating a direct mail is to sell your brand, product and service. Personalize every package for customers. To achieve that, marketers need to think from customers’ perspective.

Nothing is more important than a clear and concise copy. So, forget about grandmother stories in the mail. Deliver effective, clear and concise message. Provide them with a solution in the copy.

Tip 4: Urge them to act
When you have successfully communicate and engage with the audience, you need to provide call number to urge the customers to act. What is the best way to encourage them to call?
By offering incentive such as discounts for a limited period, coupons, and freebies. The mail needs to create a sense of urgency to excite the customers.

Tip 5: Experiment
To ensure that your campaign works, test it by sending the mail to a number of customers. See if there is any difference in sales and also observe the response from these customers.

If it does not work, refine the headline and incentive in the personalize package. Mail it to a different batch of customers after the refinement and check out the responses.

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