Customer-focused web site

Website is one of the most effective tools to market your company, service or product. However, most companies tend to overdo with this tool and thus, it drives the prospective customer away.
Try to read the website’s content that promotes their brand or service. Some are egocentric. Talk more about themselves rather than providing a solution for customers. Self-absorbed web sites are doomed.

Bragging about your company’s offerings, superb manufacturing techniques, pros and cons of dealing with your company, brilliant staffs in the company is not that important. Understand that when prospective customers log in to your web site, they have something in mind to solve.

And that is why they need your company’s help. All the content mentioned above is secondary to customer’s issues. When a customer scans for relevant information or solution to solve their problem, they briefly glimpse the website. They do not scan word by word.

An egotistical website turns people off. When customers failed to find relevant information, they will never find out offerings from your company. Thus, your company loses a potential deal or business.

A comprehensive and well-designed web site usually shared this few characteristics; offers clear and concise statement that will benefit the customers, use testimonials (claims supported by third party), provide pathway to encourage customers into company’s dialogue box, and also address potential objectives.

Ensure that there is always space for prospective customers to fit into your web site. When designing and creating a copy for your website, speak directly to the customer. Use friendly tone.

Tips to entice customers to your website
When writing a copy for your website, define briefly the benefits of conducting business with your company. Introduce your brand or company in few sentences. Do not overdo when it comes to introduction.

Most important factor that will keep customers reading and searching more information from your website is by listing out differences between your company and other competitors. Inform the customers the benefits for conducting business with your company.

As mentioned above, provide testimonials as it helps to build reputation and trust for your company. Also, focus on customer prospects and needs. Besides that, ensure that all information provided is genuine.

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