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Animation Design

Design.com.my offers a wide range of design services which are customized and tailored to your business needs and marketing campaigns. Offering animation design is one of our main services where we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to produce the most remarkable and compelling animation videos. Our team of designers have won awards and accolades in the industry where they offer their services for our clients who are multinational corporations and government agencies.

Our philosophy of providing cutting-edge designs at an affordable rate is observed where we work with you in deriving the best and most relevant animation design in your campaigns. Our animation designs are suitable for use at clubs, entertainment outlets, cafes and pubs as well as in shopping centres like Berjaya Times Square and Pavilion shopping Centre. We have also designed animation for automobile brands like BMW and Mazda, all of which are unique and one-of-its-kind, specifically catered for a certain purpose.

Our animation designs are contemporary and modern as they are customized and specially made for a purpose and are designed with the best quality possible by our team of designers who bring with them many years of experience and proven track record of cutting edge designs.

Website Design

Advertising.com.my has been offering all type of design services for many years. One of our most popular services is in designing websites. Over the last 10 years, Advertising.com.my has been designing websites for corporate companies, MNCs, businesses and individuals from all over the region.

Advertising.com.my is committed to bring the best quality and efficient website designs to our clients in which we have designed the most user-friendly and economical websites for our clients. Since then, our clients have enjoyed tremendous success through their online presence that we deliver. Where this is concerned, Advertising.com.my ensures that our client’s websites are designed using contemporary methods as well as the most current technology adopted by most in the  industry.

In our efforts to deliver the best services to our clients, Advertising.com.my participates and was very involved in every stage of the process. We started from the discussion stage where concepts and ideas were discussed and from there we embark onto a collaborative process with our clients in the design and development of the creative stage.

Our team of professional experts also ensured that the production of the website was carefully planned and developed using the most efficient and available technology of that time so that our clients will enjoy the best effects of the media. The designing of the website involved many stages of enhancements where our designers were constantly communicating with our clients from the early stages until the execution phase. After that, our clients continued to work with us to further enhance the site to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and for future enhancements. On top of that, we will still be constantly keeping our clients informed about any changes and modifications that are needed in their websites.

Lighting project design & consulting

Advertising.com.my was established more than 15 years ago and ever since then, we have been bringing only the best and most effective advertising and marketing products and services to your clients and partners. We have worked and collaborated with partners from all business industries that operate both in the public and private sectors. Over the past few years, we have expanded our services from conventional advertising services to provide more impactful and effective methods. This includes the use of modern technologies like LED and other new media to help our clients extend their reach to their respective target markets. Where this is concerned, we have moved beyond supplying of LED digital advertising panels in which we now offer a full range of LED-based products that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. This is where businesses today can benefit from the advantages of LED technology in other areas like retail, interior design, furnishing, lighting and many more. One of the major areas that we have embarked into is in the lighting project design and consulting. This is where your business will be benefit greatly through our expertise and experience in this area by installation our cutting-edge LED-based designs in your premises where required. We are committed to bring only the best quality of services to you where we offer the following:

  • Award-winning designs
  • Customizable and tailored to your needs
  • Capable and qualified team
  • High quality LED products

Award-winning designs
When you engage Advertising.com.my in your lighting projects, you can rest assure that we bring you designs that are contemporary, current and relevant to your business. Over the years, we have derived designs that have compelled the audiences in many markets, creating cutting-edge works that have won awards and accolades by agencies in the industry. Customizable and tailored to your needs Whether it is for an entertainment outlet, a club or for a corporate business venture, we can customize the LED lighting designs for your needs. As we own the manufacturing technology here, the designs can be made according to what your business areas are, ensuring that they are relevant and suitable to help your business to grow.

Capable and qualified team
In order to deliver the highest quality of service to you, we employ a team of highly qualified and capable team of people who are design practitioners in the industry. We do this so that your business will receive designs that are current and updated in the market. Our team of designers is artists in their own respective fields, bringing an ‘out-of-the-box’ and commercial approach to your designs.

High Quality LED products
Once you have agreed to our lighting project designs, we will ensure that the plans are carried out accordingly. In doing so, we will install all the LED fittings where they have been proposed and agreed. Our LED products are sourced only from the best and renowned manufacturers around the world. We collaborate with top manufacturers and suppliers from Korea, China, Germany and Singapore to bring only the most affordable, reliable and practical products to our designs.

Business cards, Company folders and Corporate image design

As part of our comprehensive offering of a complete set of products and services in marketing and advertising, we have assisted our clients in a variety of range of campaigns. We have been involved in integrated marketing campaigns where our clients have benefited through our successful strategies of advertising in all types of media available in Malaysia while we have worked in various capacities of brand building and corporate image.

Among our most successful campaigns are helping our clients build a strong brand image and corporate identity where we have designed and created a full package of office-related products like business cards, logos, letterheads and such. It is important that our clients build a strong foundation in these areas so as to create a brand image that aligns with their corporate missions.

In doing so, we have worked with our clients through initial partnership where we designed and developed their corporate identity which are highly effective as well as in enhancing their current portfolio through better and more effective branding activities.

The use of office related products is vital to any business as they represent the communication point between the company and its customers. Hence, we ensure that these portfolios are created with the best quality of printing through our state-of-the-art facilities while being designed by our best designers.

We are committed to deliver top quality services to our clients and hence, we are involved in every stage of development and designing of your corporate identity. This is one area which must be approached with care as they represent your business in the corporate world. Essentially, we help you to integrate your brand image with other related areas of advertising through our integrated strategies involving other media in marketing so that your brand image would be one that would leave a lasting and positive impression with your target market.

E-newsletter(Design & Distribution)

Digital media has grown to become one of the main channels of advertising in today’s business world. Basically, digital media encompasses any form of marketing and advertising efforts using digital means like e-mail, websites, social media and e-newsletter. Advertising.com.my has been at the forefronts of promoting digital advertising for many years where e-newsletter is one of the main offerings.

At Advertising.com.my, our commitment is to ensure that our clients get their advertising dollars worth where we offer a full range of marketing related services. Our e-newsletter is one of our flagship products in which we have worked with internationally renowned companies like Bausch & Lomb, Sony and Toyota to disseminate promotions and advertisements to their potential customers.

In this context, Advertising.com.my is one of the pioneers in this area where we were one of the earliest agencies to use e-newsletter and adopting the most current technologies in doing so. Our e-newsletters are not merely online brochures or flyers. In ensuring the effectiveness of using this media, we help our clients reach their most suitable target market by integrating with our network of partners to determine the most suitable recipients of the e-newsletter.

Our services start from the contact point in which we will discuss with our clients about the content to be included in the e-newsletter. From there, we will derive the concept of the product where our content developers will then provide what to be included. Images are specifically sourced through professional photographers and graphic designers while our writers conduct interviews and research to develop the best content possible. After that, Advertising.com.my will collaborate with our clients on the design and layout before the final e-newsletter is produced. From there, we will ensure that the e-newsletter are disseminated to the group of recipients intended before a summary report is prepared and submitted to our clients.

Designing Business Catalogue

A catalogue refers to a collection of items and products that you arrange and group into different categories. Once you have arranged the items into categories, you can use the information to create a booklet, brochure or even an online catalogue to allow your customers to browse and find out more information on the products they prefer. After separating the products into different categories, you can define the items based on their variations such as colours, sizes and prices. The rapid development of technology allows corporations and companies to create online catalogues to appeal to broader customer base.

When these corporations create an online business catalogue, they may include it in different languages and currencies to convenient customers around the world. An online business catalogue is much more appealing and convenient because you can include links or related products so that when a user views a particular product, other related products will appear as an alternative. Business catalogues are important because these publications serve a a platform for corporations to gain direct response to conduct business with other businesses thus, expanding your companies. Business catalogues offer opportunities for every business to attain high level of sales. The catalogues are considered as a form of advertising targeted at potential customers.

Designing a catalogue

Now that you have decided to publish a catalogue to advertise and promote your products, the next important step is to design an attractive and appealing catalogue ready for publication. For small businesses who would like to publish a catalogue without seeking the experts due to budget constraint, here are some practical guides to help you step-by-step to design a new catalogue. First of all, you need to identify the target audience by understanding their lifestyle and values. After all, your priority is to design a catalogue specifically for this group of target audience. Next up, decide what you want to sell to the primary target audience.

Placement of the products in the catalogue will determine your sales volume. Arrange products or items that appeal the most to your primary target audience. Do not place something that your target customer would not buy. You are not only wasting your money but also chasing the potential customers away. Leave out items that you think your target audience would not buy. Then, separate the products and items according to categories. Provide necessary information for the products displayed in the catalogue. Remember to list out the price, size, colour and specifications next to the picture of the item.

A gentle reminder for all – do not photograph the products together. It is utterly important to feature individual pictures. Well, since you cannot afford to hire experts or professionals to help you design the catalogue, do not hesitate to spend a little to hire a professional photographer to take the picture of your product. After collecting all these information, you need to determine the layout of the catalogue. Remember, simplicity is always the best policy to attract customers.

Advantages of business catalogues

Even though catalogues are one of the cheapest advertising form to attract potential customers, it is nevertheless one of the most effective methods to promote your products. Having a business catalogue can help your corporations and companies to present the products, items and services to potential customers. After all, most companies tend to send out business catalogues to target audiences only. Basically, having a business catalogue allows the customers to look at the products and read the descriptions before deciding what to purchase. Having a business catalogue enables customer to refer back to the booklet whenever and wherever they want. Therefore, customers can compare the prices before finally making a decision.

In addition to that, since products, items and services are separated into different categories, it offers a general idea about the items available for sale to the customers. To achieve better outcome, catalogues are usually high-quality printed pieces. Thus, catalogues have longer shelf life. Also, catalogues serve as an important secondary promotional methods to complement other advertising tools used such as official website and brochures.

Disadvantages of business catalogues

Perhaps, the biggest disadvantage of using a business catalogue is the arrangement of information and descriptions can sometimes be confusing. Bear in mind that certain companies may want to save cost thus cramming all the information of the products in a few pages. As a result, the catalogues can be confusing since the information aren’t arrange properly. Besides that, printing, distributing and mailing the catalogues to potential customers can be costly. While it is effective in one way or another, the catalogues may not be effective if you send it to the wrong customer.

Unlike online catalogues, a printed business catalogue is costly because you have to update it from time to time. To compete with your rivals, you need to introduce new products and services to stay relevant in the market. It is not only time consuming but also costly to print new catalogues on a monthly basis.

Banner & Bunting Design

Banners and standys (standing display items and marketing material) are one of the offerings provided by Advertising.com.my. We have over the years been involved in a variety of above-the-line and below-the-line advertising campaigns in which they have been highly successful thereby ensuring that our clients enjoy the maximum impact in their campaigns.

Among some of our most successful offerings is in our banner designs. There are many facets when it comes to banner design where we are involved in the entire supply chain. We bring with us many years of experience in this area where we have designed banners and buntings to be used as marketing collaterals among some of the most reputable organisations in the country.

Buntings and banners are commonly used in public spaces like retail outlets, shopping malls, airports and entertainment outlets among many others. With our high quality and state-of-the-art printing facilities, we are able to produce the most compelling and cutting edge prints that would surely attract the attention of the passer-bys and customers of these spaces. The high visibility and sharp contrast of these printouts will ensure that our clients enjoy the highest and most effective impressions when using this media.

In most cases, banners are very effective as they appeal to the people of the public very easily when they are highly visible. Hence, the print quality is very important. In this context, our printing equipments are feasible and practical where our clients’ requirements can be customized and tailored to suit your needs. We get involved from the initial stage of discussions and when the ideas are first conceived. Our designers aim for excellence when they derive the designs that will be used in the banners or buntings. Then, our printers start and that is when the best quality print works will be produced before they are deployed at the intended spaces.

Flyer and brochure design

Flyers and brochures are part of the media used in below-the-line advertising. Using this media is very effective as they are usually distributed or meant for a specific target group. This means that they are specifically designed and distributed to a group of readers which are the potential customers of a business.

Flyers and brochures are divided into 2 main types, those that are distributed and those that are placed on brochure stands for interested customers to take and read. Where this is concerned, the former involves the designing and printing of the literature and then they would need to be distributed to the target market usually at residential or commercial areas or to passer-bys at large. This would usually involve companies that intend to disseminate certain information to the group they target like promotions and special events.

On the other hand, the latter are brochures that are placed at standys or brochure stands which are specifically designed for this purpose. Customers or passer-bys who might be interested in these information would then take the brochure and read them. In most cases, the information involved are the likes of tourism and travel or those that require filling up of forms like loyalty card programmes and such.

In this context, we have been involved in countless campaigns in which our low-cost and practical printing facilities played an important role. We offer a full range of services that range from the conceptualization of the brochure or flyer while our team of highly capable designers were also involved to produce high quality designs. We then integrate our acrylic products to derive the best brochure stands at an affordable rate for our clients and then deploying them at the most appropriate places. After that, our involvement continues through ensuring that the stands are always filled as well as in ensuring that the flyers are appropriately distributed.



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