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Cinema advertising has become more prominent and effective than recent years because more people are now going for movies as their primary form of entertainment. Each year, blockbusters and new movies are being released at specific period to attract more patrons to the cinemas.

With the rising popularity of online media and digital marketing, the movie market is now one of the most effective in driving better ad recognition, brand awareness and recall.

In cinemas, brand advertising is very effective because it is where the target audience are almost fully immersed with the message being played on the screen. Unlike other advertising media, the audience does not have the option to switch channels or turn off when a specific ad is played. As such, your ad will receive full attention viewing for the entire duration of the message.

Cinema Advertising

The attendance in cinemas has been increasing in recent years where the number almost doubled between 2012 and 2013 with slightly more male watching movies in the cinema as compared to female. This means that if you are planning a campaign to target this group of audience, then cinema advertising could well be your best choice.

The largest group of cinema-goers are between 20 and 29 years old and there are now more than 150 different halls located across the country. With an average of about 5 screenings each day in every hall, you have an abundance of options in deciding which target audience to reach with your ads.

Besides the advertising media in the cinema hall, you can now place your ads in several spots around the premises like digital posters, poster boxes and even incorporate your product or brand within a trailer, all of which will give your brand more affiliation with your audience.

Posters – This involves large posters placed on lightboxes in prominent locations like the walkway or foyer of the cinema. Besides that, you can place your ads on the ticket box, the candy bar or any other available locations.

Depending on which cinema you are using and the location of the premises, the rates for advertising in this media will vary. This starts around RM2,000 and could go up to RM8,000 and runs through 5 to 60 seconds. It must be noted that all video ads in cinemas have to go through proper approval by MiM or Finas before they can be played to the public at the cinemas.


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