How to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your customer service

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Customer service is one of the most important elements that will either make or break your business. Do you still remember the last time you encountered a negative buying experience? Most probably you still remember that particular experience and chances are you will not make another purchase from that shop again.

Bad customer service comes in different form; salesperson lack of knowledge about the products in their shops, bad manners and impolite responses from salesperson or even left on hold for an amount of time when you called the company for assistance.

While most businesses claimed that customers are always their priority, in fact, it is rather hard to find businesses with good customer support. Bear in mind that good customer service is extremely important for businesses. Here are the basic rules towards great customer service and support.

Rule 1: Quality service first One of the best ways to retain the current customer and maintain good customer service is to perform beyond customers’ expectations. Everyone in the company plays an important role to provide positive shopping experience for customers.

Rule 2: Know your products in and out

To win over prospects as well as retain current customers, salesperson need to know every single detail about their product. Imagine entering a store and when seeking a solution for your problem, the salesperson knows nothing about the products in the store.

Salesperson without knowledge of their own products will drive customers away. To gain customers’ trust and confidence, know your company’s product, service and even the terms and conditions as well as policies.

Rule 3: Know your prospects and regular customers

You need to learn everything about your prospects and regular customers from spending habits to level of income. When you managed to grasp your customers’ details, it is easier to persuade and convince them to close a deal with you.

Besides that, you may also talk to them and listen to their dissatisfaction to improve on your products, services and customer service. Rule 4: Treat everyone with respect You may get in touch with your customers through various ways such as telephone, face-to-face interview, demonstrations, and also email. Try to leave a good impression and treat everyone with respect and courtesy. You may use these commonly used phrases; Sorry for keep you waiting and also it’s been a pleasure to help you. Rule 5: Customers are always right Never ever argue with your customers even if you are right. You can actually retain these customers who complained if you provide them with a possible and workable solution. You should concentrate on effective ways to fix the problem. Rule 6: Never leave your customers hanging If you have promise to certain customers for follow-up efforts, remember to keep your promise, as customers hate those who break the promise. If you break a promise, it shows that your company is irresponsible and will lose credibility.

Provide them with an immediate solution and try to satisfy their request (if possible). Rule 7: Focus on customers not the sale As a salesperson, you always struggle to reach predetermined sales set by your company. However, bear in mind that in order to achieve (in terms of long-term), focus on the customers’ need and demand instead of sales only.

Rule 8: Available everywhere

One of the factors that determine the number of sales for your product is the location. You need to make the products easy to purchase. For example, if the customers want to purchase your product online, remember to provide instructions. Besides that, you can also include feedback or order form at the back of a catalogue send via mail to your prospects.


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