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Facebook Marketing

There is an extremely good reason to advertise in social networks like Facebook and that is because it is the top social media in the world today. There are now more than 1 billion accounts in Facebook which puts it at the top of any advertiser to venture into digital marketing.

That which makes Facebook such an attractive option for advertising is because you can now reach the specific target market of your choice when you launch any marketing campaign. In fact, there are several types of ads available which can be catered for a certain objective.

Media that can drive users to your page

This is the most common type of advertising in Facebook. In fact, it is an effective advertising method that can increase visits to your site in every way.

Domain Ads

This type of ad is usually seen on the right side of the Facebook page. It is very simple, straightforward and very effective. When you place your ad using this method, you will specific the title of your ad, a short write-up and the website address. As such, your description must be enticing enough to make the user want to click.

Page Post Link

This is by far the most popular type of ads used in Facebook. You will be able to insert an image as it is found that visuals are a lot more attractive as compared to text-only ads. The Page Post Link ads are known as Newsfeed Ads as well where it is usually placed on the right column of the page.

When you are looking to generate LIKES for your page, Page Post Links are your most ideal option. Besides that, your viewers can comment on your ad which will give you better understanding of what they are thinking about your product.

Multi-product Ads

This is a new type of ad which was introduced in 2014. Multi-Product Ads are very similar to Page Post Links where instead of 1 single image, you can use a scrolling platform to display several images. This is a great way of advertising if you host an E-Commerce site where you can display a few images on promotion.

Advertising on your own Page

Having your own Facebook page is very common for businesses today. What you want to do is to increase more visits to this page and perhaps drive your users to your home page while they are there. What you really intend to do is to post short messages on your page which can then incite more interest among your potential customers.


You can practically place the LIKE PAGE icon at any location of your page. Getting a lot of LIKES is one thing, whether they are genuine or not is another. As such, your objective is to find the audience who are actually really interested in your page which makes them your ideal target segment.

Page Post Photo/Video/Text

Located usually on the right column of your page, this is an ideal platform to showcase images of your products. Once you have that, your customers will then start commenting and LIKES will come flourishing in. This gives you great insight into how well your brand is within your target segment. The same goes with videos and text although the latter is not as effective.

Rates and Charges

So, is advertising on Facebook costly? It can be very costly if you do not control the way you advertise and can be very affordable if you know what you want to achieve. In fact, advertising in Facebook can be accomplished using any budget size. In Facebook advertising, you decide how much you want to spend and where you want to spend your money.

You are free to set a daily or long-term budget. As an advertiser, you can decided to spend RM10 per day and then it will be controlled within that bracket. Facebook uses a technique called Optimized Cost Per Mille or oCPM. It is an extension or hybrid of the CPM model where you can set a max bid for your ad. This is where you need to bid the right way.

CPM(Cost Per Impression)

– Cost Per Mille is the normal Cost Per Impression method. This type of bidding is used when you are going for impressions.

CPC(Cost Per click)

– When you require your user to carry out an action like clicking, then you use CPC or Click Per Click.

oCPM(Optimized CPM)

– This bidding is ‘smarter’ where bidding is based on what you want to achieve. It can include certain actions, installing of apps or even clicking through to other websites.

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