Facebook Live Marketing

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Did you know that…

  1. In 2018, the number of broadcasts on Facebook Live exceeded 3.5 billion?
  2. You get 6 times as many interactions from Facebook Live videos as compared to conventional ones?
  3. You will get as many as 10 times the number of comments as compared to other types of videos?
  4. Users tend to watch Facebook Live videos longer.

These figures mean that Facebook (FB) Live should be part of your digital marketing campaign if you are looking for more engagements and interactions with your customers.

Our expertise, your benefit

When it comes to using FB Live for your marketing needs, no one comes close to what we can offer. We bring to you every aspect that will make your FB Live more effective, stands out more and definitely higher impact.

We are among the pioneers in digital advertising and marketing. That puts us at the forefront of the competition. Everyone will tell you they are experts but not everyone can give you value as we do. We ensure your campaign brings the returns you are looking for.

Benefits of FB Live

As mentioned above, FB Live can give you more engagements than pre-uploaded videos. This gives your audience a sense of freshness and real-time interaction which is way more interesting than other media. Among the most known benefits of FB Live include:

  • Higher Engagement Rate: Your audience is more captivated with live videos.
  • Better Product Targeting: FB Live gives you more mileage as you start interacting with the right target audience for your products.
  • Strong Brand Impact: The platform creates very strong brand awareness and intent.
  • Build Community of Followers – With effective videos, you can build a strong following in the community who are interested in your products hence being potential customers.
  • Product Placements – With FB Live, you can get more leverage for your products with placements and more subtle marketing methods.

How do we help?

All you need is to tell us what your preferences are and we will know where to go from there. We have worked with countless partners with their FB Live initiatives and have been hugely successful. What we can bring to you include:

  • Brainstorming and ideation – We will sit down with you and come up with ideas to run FB Live for your products. We can also start with the ideations stage to align with your brand image.
  • Talents – We will provide you with a list of talents who can be hosts, Emcees, or Models to choose from. These talents work closely with us. They are flexible in terms of time and day. Our talents will be able to drive sales for your products.
  • Costs – Our charges for talents are cost-effective. Our talents charge by a session that is affordable and economical. Your business will surely start to enjoy sales once an FB Live session starts.


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