Female Magazines & Websites – Highest readership worldwide


Most, if not all markets would usually have the highest readership among female readers when it comes to magazines. This is the very reason why beauty and cosmetics brands make up the highest advertising expenditure among all the categories.

A comprehensive collection of titles

In terms of female magazines, this is one category that has a lot of potential and diversified interests. This is because different titles will appeal to different readers from a different segment. Like any other magazine categories, female magazines has a broad range of areas that can be explored.

Fashion – from the high society to the streetwise

Readers can be assured of the latest trends and fashion through these titles. Female magazine titles include:

  1. Female
  2. Marie Claire
  3. CLEO
  4. Nu You
  5. Wanita
  6. Her World
  7. Women Weekly
  8. GLAM
  9. EH!
  10. Cosmopolitan

All the titles listed above would definitely have dedicated sections on fashion. This means that readers will view the latest trends that are buzzing around the fashion world not only within the country but across the world. As some of the titles are global names like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire, they benefit from content that comes from other countries which can be localized or kept intact.

Beauty advise at your fingertips

Readers who pick up a female magazine appreciates the convenience of having beauty tips within reach. In fact, 76% of readers who open a female magazine expect to read a beauty advice or tip within the first 3 minutes. This means that such magazines must provide some form of quick advice like:

  1. Top 3 ways to look younger
  2. 5-minute makeup
  3. Best look for clubbing this Christmas
  4. This season’s top lipstick colors

Latest issues and resources

One of the major factors that set one title apart from the other is in the issues discussed. While each title has their own customer and reader segment in terms of age and profile, the content plays a very crucial role. As such, it must constantly be kept up-to-date with not only what is trending but have the foresight of what is to come in the near future. Readers will appreciate topics like:

  1. What is coming up next summer?
  2. What is the royalty wearing this year
  3. Can a woman be a Grab-driver?
  4. Best self-defense moves for women
  5. etc

Current and Contemporary titles

It must be noted that most of the magazine titles have been around for a long time now some dating back to more than 20 years. However, these titles have been maintaining their reader-base through constantly reinventing their contents, design and information. This is because the media industry is one of the fastest-changing ones particularly with the introduction of digital media and content.


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