Media Owners

Gelumbang Jaya Sdn Bhd


Gelumbang Jaya is one of the major billboard media owners in Malaysia. This company was established in 1984 and with more than 30 years experience in offering cutting-edge outdoor advertising solutions.

High profile and visible media owner

It now owns more than 500 high profile sites around the country. Offering all types of outdoor advertising-related solutions, Gelumbang Jaya has grown to become one of the leading media owners in this highly competitive sector, providing some of the most sought-after billboards and other outdoor advertising services to business and brand owners.

Major player in outdoor advertising

As one of the billboard media owners in Malaysia, Gelumbang Jaya offers a lot of options when it comes to this type of advertising. As outdoor advertising stands out as a powerful option for advertisers, Gelumbang Jaya is well placed to offer clients with the potential to capture the attention of everyone.
Among the objectives of Gelumbang Jaya are:

  • Improve Corporate Image of clients
  • Brand awareness and presence
  • Offer strategic approach
  • and several others

Services and products

Gelumbang Jaya has a long list of clientele who have all benefited through advertising with this media owner. The agency’s offerings include:

  • Billboards – This is the flagship product of the agency. Their 96 sheets/ 10 x 40 boards are located in major and prime areas around the country.
  • Spectaculars – This mainly involves out-of-door media. Besides billboards, smaller mediums that are strategically placed can be used by advertisers to capture the attention of its customers. Options in spectaculars include flyovers, rooftop panels, overhead bridges and unipoles, among others. There are more than 35 spectaculars offered by Gelumbang Jaya.
  • Kelantan Concessionaire – In the state of Kelantan, Gelumbang Jaya is the exclusive outdoor advertising and marketing agency. There are over 80 sites around the state that are available for advertising which covers the likes of overhead bridges, billboards and unipoles.
  • Shah Alam Expressway - Kesas Highway Concessionaire – Besides the state of Kelantan, Gelumbang Jaya holds the concession along Kesas Highway. This is one of the most prominent expressways in the state of Selangor with more than 300,000 vehicles utilizing it daily. Along the expressway, Gelumbang Jaya operates more spectaculars here which include 9 billboards, 51 vertical posters, 20 overhead bridges and 4 unipoles.
  • Specialized media – This includes many types of media like outdoor structure, transit advertisemtns, directional signages, tri-vision panels and many more.