Having amazing products but not sure how to write good Product Guide Contents?


Customers often refer to your website if they need to know how to use a product or to find more information about one.
This means that this is one type of content that you cannot afford not to have.

Finding the right information on your site

Whether you are selling sound systems, mobile phones or magazines, having essential guides can give you a lot of leverage with your customers. What you want is to have your customer always remember you when they are looking for information related to your brand and not search elsewhere.Only when they can find information that they are looking for when they come to your site will they come back to you each time.That is when you become the only ‘Point of Reference’ for your brand.

Types of Guides to provide

Studies have shown that posts that are long (more than 3,000 words) generate better results as compared to shorter ones.This does not mean you should develop long and wordy content.The most crucial factor here is to provide guides that are related to your product. They could be:

  • Product Guides – This type of content is most searched for by your customers.
  • Manuals – Usually in the form of PDF files, customers would want to download manuals of products they purchased (especially when they have lost the printed version).
  • How-to-Use Guides – Having short videos on how to use your products will be tremendously useful for your customers. This will ensure that they keep coming back to your site every time they need any help.
  • Warranty claims – If your organization provides warranties for your products, then a guide on how to claim (relevant for defective or damaged goods) will be extremely powerful. This shows that your company is concerned and cares about your customers when you help them to claim for warranty.


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