Hitz FM


Hitz FM was one of the first format radio stations launched in Malaysia. Operated under Astro Radio, it was once known as Hitz.FM and is the leading station broadcasted in English Language in Malaysia.

Huge listener base

In the country, Hitz FM has more than 1.2 million listeners. This makes it the top English language station which plays chart-topping hits, current music and others. Over the years, Hitz FM has resonated and reached listeners of the younger group and is still going strong in this segment.

Advertising on Hitz FM

Advertising on Hitz FM goes with 30-second slots which are available throughout the day. The peak hours are in the mornings and evenings which make the rates higher than others. They are as follow:

  1. 6am to 10am – from RM1000 per slot
  2. 10am to 1pm – about RM450 per slot
  3. 1pm to 4pm – from RM550 per slot
  4. 4pm to 8pm – starts from RM900 per slot
  5. 8pm to 12 midnight – at about RM600 per slot
  6. 12am to 6am – from RM80 per slot


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