Hot FM

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Hot FM is one of the many stations operated by Media Prima, one of the largest media owners in Malaysia. the station broadcasts mainly in Bahasa Malaysia although its selection of songs can be quite mixed. Generally, Hot FM plays Malay songs while it occasionally airs Indonesian and English music as well.

One of the top in Malaysia

The station was previously owned by Tiara Jacqualina and was known as WaiFM before it wa bought by Media Prima. By 2009, it became the top radio station in Malaysia with more than 3.8 million listeners each week, surpassing bigger players like Era FM.

Advertising on Hot FM

There are 5 segments available for advertising in Hot FM. They are:

  1. 6am to 8am – starts from RM1000 per slot
  2. 10am to 4pm – around RM600 per slot
  3. 4pm to 8pm – starts from RM800
  4. 8pm to 12pm – around RM550 per slot
  5. 12pm to 8am – around 100 per slot


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