How to advertise on radio

It is a known fact that advertising on mass media in radio and television can be effective if one knows how and when to do so. There are certain elements which makes planning of these campaigns all the more important and significant for radio advertising to be effective.

Advertising in Radio requires good planning to be effective

Below are some of the guidelines that you could adopt in using radio.

Planning is the starting point

Before you start launching your radio advertisements, the first thing that you need to do is plan. There is no better way to fail than not to plan because it means that you do not have a system in place. Planning is a lot of work and involves a lot of people. It will be best if you have a team of professionals to help you with this.

The easiest way is to engage an agency to help you although you can actually do it yourself. The agency will have the expertise and the pricing of all the different spots in the respective radio stations to help you.

Planning involves not only the timeline but in terms of frequency and other related issues as well. Once you have a plan in place, you can then execute

Make a sound decision

At this stage, it is very important to make firm decisions. To begin with, you have to decide what you want to achieve. The objective is very important because it will determine the next decisions. This includes issues like your target market, customers and such. Decision making includes determining which radio station to place your ads in.

Malaysia has a very vibrant radio industry which is made up of Free-To-Air (FTA) and format radio stations. The former encompasses the likes of Trax FM (formerly Radio 4), Red FM and Fly FM while the latter includes those operated by AMP like Hitz.FM, Mix.FM, Lite FM and such. This makes knowing beforehand who your target audience are very important because each radio station caters to a different set of listeners.

Budget and frequency

This is a tricky situation because you need to work around your budget. Take note that radio advertising differs from television because there are no visuals involved. Listeners can only imagine and visualize your ads which mean that the more your times your ad is aired, the more lasting they remain in memory.

Be creative and innovate

Since there are no visuals in radio advertising, you will need to have an extremely creative message which leaves a lasting impression with the listeners. The more creative and unique your ad is, the higher the impact will be for the listeners and your target audience.

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