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How to deliver your message via electronic newsletters


Electronic newsletters can be very effective if you know how to capitalize this segment. It gets you to reach your target audience better but you need to have a set of effective and impactful tools to start with. Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Target specific group of prospects

You need to gather consumers’ demographics before sending out the newsletter. When you have gathered enough information, write a personalized newsletter and distribute it to a specific group of prospects.
Do not send out generalized newsletters as this is just a waste of time and money. Talk to the prospects and let them know that you are addressing them personally.

Tip 2: Understand the objective of writing a newsletter

A web site without newsletter is not going to get far. Therefore, you need to write a good quality and informative newsletter to convert the prospects or first-time visitors into your customers.
As an electronic newsletter is inexpensive, you may prepare as many as you wish and select the best to distribute it to your prospects. Sometimes, newsletter is considered as a tool to follow-up and serves as a reminder for the prospects.

Tip 3: Don’t send newsletters to strangers

You may send newsletters to your regular customers or even subscribers. Bear in mind that you should not spam people who don’t want your newsletters. When you spam people, you are building a bad reputation for your company and brand.
How do you encourage the people to subscribe for your newsletters? You have to describe the benefits of your newsletter and may also offer incentive such as free e-book when they sign up for the newsletter.

Tip 4: Provide instructions for those who want to unsubscribe

You should provide instructions to unsubscribe in the newsletter to convenient your subscribers.

Tip 5: Determine a specific theme

Your newsletter should contain only one core theme or message that is related to your products or services. The theme must appeal to the readers to attract their attention.

Tip 6: Focus more on content rather than promotion

Do not send out newsletters that focus solely on products promotions only. If you are doing that right now, then you are chasing your subscribers away from your company. You should give your subscribers what they want.
A simple formula to give what they want is to provide them helpful information that they want to read. Think from customers’ point of view. After providing them with useful information, you can introduce briefly on your products promotions at the end. Therefore, 80% of content and 20% of promotion is a good combination.

Tip 7: Send the newsletters at regular interval

You need to be consistent when it comes to the number of times to deliver the newsletter at a specific time. If you choose to deliver it once a week, so be it. Bear in mind that the more frequent you deliver your newsletter, the more effective it will be.
However, do not overdo with your newsletter. Yes, you may deliver it weekly but not daily. Distributing it daily is a turn-off for the prospects.

Tip 8: Provide columns for feedback purposes

How do you improve your newsletter? The answer is to provide a column for feedback and responses from your subscribers. Since your newsletter is written specifically for the readers, you should refine your newsletter according to their suggestions and opinions.

Tip 9: Convince the subscribers to visit your web site

When you write a newsletter, bear in mind that you should drive the traffic to your web site by including strong message in it. Newsletter is a just a follow-up with prospects and customers.
When you introduce product promotions in your newsletter, try to direct them back to web site for more information. You can guide them step-by-step to your web site or provide URL in the newsletter.

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