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How To Publish Facebook Ads


Facebook: Your Money-Making Machine

In our social media-centric world, Facebook takes the top spot; almost everyone has a Facebook account these days – no matter age, creed or race. And that’s exactly why you should use this platform to help you generate income. If you don’t have a clue on what we’re talking about, read on and prepare to be enlightened.

How to Use Facebook for Your Business?

By now, you would have realized that Facebook has ads, some in the sidebars and some subtly in the midst of your news feed, and this is the key to catapulting your business. Although you can set up pages and publish posts to build your online platform for your business, resorting to ads is your best bet in widening your reach in the digital world.

Jumping On the Facebook Ad-Bandwagon

All you need to do is to follow these steps and you’ll be posting ads in no time:
• Create a Facebook business page by going to then select a page category.
• Tap on Get Started and follow the instructions.
• Come up with goals for your Facebook Ad to help you choose the perfect ad-type
• Navigate into Facebook Ads manager and choose an objective for your ad.
• Next, choose your target audience based on location, age, gender, language, interests and behaviour.
• Select your type of budget and decide between clicks or impressions as your objective.
• Design your ad.
• Once completed, click on Place Order in green.

Why Ads on Facebook?

The real question here is why not? Facebook has the biggest user base with an approximate 1.4 billion monthly active users and its revenue continues to grow over the years. Since users have to key in their personal data when they sign up for an account, Facebook works like magic in serving targeted ads.

Sorry YouTube, Facebook is Smarter!

Unlike YouTube ads that are shoved down your throats, Facebook ads work in a more subtle way that doesn’t interfere with the user experience. This seamless integration of ads is smart as it blends in with the other contents on the page and since it is placed in the news feeds of specific, targeted audience on Facebook, your ads will be gaining valuable coverage.

Campaign Budget: What You Should Know?

Facebook’s campaign budget is split into Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget. Daily Budget requires more work from your side while limiting your targeting options; you can’t call the shots on what day and time to publish your ads. Meanwhile, Lifetime Budget allows you to set a start and end date as well as your maximum budget during the campaign duration.

The Deciding Factor

While the type of budget is one thing to consider, the other is centred on your Audience Size. You can target your audience based on basic demographics and that will be a vital element in determining your cost per action in terms of likes, clicks, impressions, etc.

Nailing Facebook Ads

Knowing the ropes of publishing a Facebook ad isn’t a guarantee of your ad’s success. Your ads need to be appealing enough to attract users and one way to do it is to use stunning images with high level contrast. It’s also important to rotate ads with fresh new content to avoid stale advertising.

Give These a Shot Today

It’s crucial that your ad is kept short and concise with good usage of numbers. Aside that, if you’re going with a video ad, it’s best to add captions as most users tend to run Facebook ads without sound. Last but, definitely, not least, don’t be afraid to go crazy with creativity as that just may be the thing you need to set you apart from your competitors.