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Writing advertorials can be very different from other forms of writing mainly because they are often perceived to be biased (as they are published by the advertisers themselves).

Planning the Advertorial

Like any other published material, it is imperative that you start by planning what you want to present.

First, determine what publication you are going to present your advertorial. Whether it is a magazine, a journal or a newspaper, there will be a unique tone or voice to write in.

It helps to research on the publication and see what others are presenting their material to give you an idea of what to write. Among the factors that you must consider include:

  • Tone – Are you going to present it in a formal or informal manner?
  • Length – Advertorials usually cover 1 page although there are situations where they go beyond that – at most 2 pages
  • Audience – Know your readers. Are they corporate executives or casual readers?

The Headline – Captivate your Audience

The fact is that readers will read the headline and then make the decision whether or not to read further.

A captivating headline will resonate with the reader. A poor one will turn them away permanently.

Your headline will give your audience a picture of what to expect in the body of your advertorial. Think carefully and plan it out.Design a few headlines and run it through with the team.

Create interest and urgency

It always helps that you create the right interest with your readers. If you can create a sense of urgency, your readers will want more.

  • They do not want to miss out on a special offer, a discount, or something exciting.
  • Bank on the sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and you have them onboard! Studies have shown that more than 50% of millennials who are FOMO end up making purchases.
  • Use terms like NOW!, FAST!, TODAY!, LIMITED!,

Use questions in your headers

If your headline is not a question, then use it in your headers. Knowing who your target audience is is one thing, being able to speak to them in the right language is another thing altogether.

You should be asking questions that they are asking in their mind. You can use examples like:

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Bear in mind that your readers are reading your advertorial because they want to find certain information or to solve certain problems they are facing which means they have questions that need answers.

Your advertorial as a form of storytelling

Once you have the headlines and the headers decided, then think about the body of the content.

Remember that the body of your advertorial is where the answers are for your readers. They are reading on to find information so you must tell a story.

  • Start with an introduction with the tone you have predetermined
  • Talk about what your product is offering. Your story must be relatable at all times.
  • Along the way, think about engaging your customers through using emotions and intuition.
  • Try to make your advertorial as honest, personal or transparent as possible.
  • Bear in mind that the preconception readers have is that your advertorial might be biased since it was published by you.
  • You can dispel that thought by publishing information that means something to them.
  • Bring in family experiences, friendships, memories and other emotion-related content to better engage with your readers
  • Minimize hard-selling your products. Let other forms of commercials do that!

Take note: Features of your products are facts and true. But, the benefits for your customers are emotional. Bank on that!

Over the years, Advertising.my has worked in countless campaigns that involve the use of advertorials and other publication methods.

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The process of designing the advertorial will involve a lot of phases.

We will be involved from the start where our team of design and copywriters will provide the assistance in the conceptualizing of the idea and the initial design of the advertisement. This is an important step because it will ensure that the project starts in the right note and heads into the right direction.

We will ensure that your opinion and feedback are always taken into account.

Our copywriters will conduct in-depth studies into the product or service you are offering so that they know the right text and words to apply in your advertorial.

Once the drafts are ready, our team will then sit down with you to garner your feedback.

Your opinion is very important as it will then determine the final outcome of the advertorial. Through this partnership, we will be able to cultivate a good working relationship in designing the best and most effective advertorial for your business.

Through our integrated services, Advertising.my will be able to advice you on which publication media to place your advertorial.

Our media team will be able to assist you in booking of media space and to ensure that your advertorial reaches the intended target market group for your product or service.


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